A Different Enviroment Helps Students Essay Research

A Different Enviroment Helps Students Essay, Research Paper

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Charlene Parra


Learning In a different Enviroment Proves to Be Beneficial To Students

Many civilizations come to the United States by manner of survey abroad plans, foreign exchange, and the sister metropolis exchange. There are more than merely a few ways in which we as human existences can acquire a different position on methods to pass on and larn. I learned foremost manus how to take the best methods from one civilization and unite it with the recognized methods of my ain. The metropolis I grew up in, the high school I attended, and the sister metropolis plan I became involved in helped nourish and develop my work wonts, attitude, and thrust to larn. After reexamining the short transition I feel that acquisition is preceded by a personal procedure instead than a cultural procedure. A individual can merely larn by personal thrust and the willingness to accept all civilizations and pull out what he/she believes are the best traits from the civilization that they are exposed to.

The decision that the writer of the transition comes to is that it was her civilization that was unhearable and non her ain thrust to be heard by the others in category. Some get more chances than others to divide themselves and go effectual scholars. When the writer was called on in category she felt comfy reading because she had the words on the page in forepart of her and she found no other ways to be originative with the English linguistic communication. She felt that reading was easy and that speaking was hard because she had to really use herself to do up what to state. Why non communicate with those around you the best that you can? Make a error or two and wear & # 8217 ; t fault your civilization for your insufficiencies to larn.

The summer before my Senior twelvemonth I accepted an invitation to travel to Japan with the sister metropolis plan that my metropolis offered. I found from this experience that I had a batch to offer and learn the pupils in Japan. Some methods of larning are more socially accepted in their civilization. It took me as a individual to make up one’s mind which 1s were a complement to my ain methods. For illustration, the attending to item and the attempts to hone whatever undertakings they were executing was conclusive when I watched them. I could take to execute undertakings incompletely and heedlessly but now I pay greater attending to mundane undertakings and ceremonially finish them. The clip that I spent in Japan has proven to be advantageous because everyt

hing that I do takes a combined class from their civilization every bit good as my ain. During my stay in Japan I found myself accommodating to this new environment with out a great trade of trouble. If for any ground I might non hold been interested in the civilization it might hold been more strenuous for me as a individual to understand, appreciate, and larn about the civilization. I find myself utilizing the linguistic communication ( although non fluently ) even today when I come across Nipponese people whether they are tourers or they live here. I am confident that the cognition I gained while in Japan will help my future calling in the importation and exporting concern.

As you can see there is an copiousness of grounds why it is great to larn in a new civilization. There are, nevertheless, a little sum of disadvantages to larning in a new civilization. The prima disadvantage would be the apparent linguistic communication barrier. It may be highly hard for the new pupil to larn the linguistic communication of the civilization, but one time learned I feel that being able to talk the new idiom is a great reimbursement of the troubles it took to larn it in the first topographic point. Another disadvantage of larning in a different civilization would be accommodating to the different instruction manners. A instructor in Thailand might learn constructs visually alternatively of orally. This might be difficult for the pupil to accommodate to. A individuals typical manner of perceiving, retrieving, thought, and job resolution might hold to be adjusted by he/she in order to hold on the constructs of that peculiar lesson. This & # 8220 ; accommodation & # 8221 ; may be easier for some pupils and difficult for others, it all depends on the person.

In decision, larning is more of a personal enterprise than a cultural one. In the old ages I have been a pupil every learner I have come across, whether they were the high school valedictory speaker, the category buffoon, the most quiet, or the most outgoing ; was a wholly alone person. Some pupils, as I can retrieve, sometimes caught on to constructs rapidly while others followed behind, and some ne’er grasp the construct at all. In my experience acquisition is based on an persons ability to comprehend, interact with, and respond to the acquisition environment. If a human being is truly interested in what they are larning they will be more susceptible to achieve the necessary elements to understand the thought. So whether if you are in Mexico or the United provinces of America your success depends on your personal features, your willingness and ability to larn.