Advantages of Scientific Method Essay Sample

Objectivity- reduces research worker prejudice and without it. we have no manner of being certain that the informations collected is valid. Operationalising the variables that are being controlled and measure- the research worker is non trusting on sentiment or reading. Increases dependability. research can be repeated and the variables can be measured n the same manner. EXAMPLES- Gardner and Gardner- linguistic communication was operationalised as marks that were used…spontaneously. . in the correct context…on three separate occasions…seen by 3 perceivers and used for 15 yearss in a row. This meant that it was non the different researcher’s sentiments as to whether Washoe had right used linguistic communication. Asch- used test-retest dependability with 12 critical tests to guarantee the replies given were due to the ppts conforming to the bulk even though the reply in unambiguous.

Control- less likely for confusing variables to consequence the research. Can see the consequence of the IV on the DV so insouciant relationships can be seen. EXAMPLES- it was possible to be certain that it was the support of negative/positive behaviors that caused the rat to press the lever in Skinners operant conditioning experiments. AND in Gibson and Walk’s experiment- in a controlled environment so variables.

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Psychological theories can be developed. adapted and discarded in the visible radiation of new evidence- EXAMPLES- Rosenham- found experienced professionals could non separate between existent and false patients. brought issue of cogency of psychiatric patients diagnosing to public attention… Led to Improvements within the system of diagnosing. AND Campos et al- used the ocular drop setup. . Developed g & A ; w findings- able to mensurate emotion. . Found 5months had slower bosom rate than 9months when placed on the cliff side. . refutes gandw because it suggests raising plays a portion in depth perceptual experience.

Produce quantitative data- can be analysed statistically. . Researchers an be confident that a important consequence means that the findings are non a opportunity happening. EXAMPLES- in Buss’ survey of mate penchant. . Data was collected from 10047 ppts. The information analysis meant that Buss could cipher norms of the ppts replies as to which traits they prefer In a spouse. Statisticss allowed kiss to compare male and female every bit good as analyzing cultural difference between countries… . highly hard utilizing qualitative methods.