Advertisment Tactics Essay Research Paper When reviewing

Advertisment Tacticss Essay, Research Paper

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When reexamining advertizements over a 24 hr period, one notices that there are a assortment of weasel words and different tactics such as unfinished words and personification used to carry the consumer to purchase a certain merchandise. Weasel words are words that appear to do a claim for a merchandise, but in actuality, they don t. In this paper I will analyse newspaper advertizements and demo how these tactics are used to misdirect the consumer.

In an advertizement for Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner, the advertizers use the weasel word transform. The ad says, Transform your hair in merely 10 yearss. This advertizement is stating that if the consumer uses this merchandise everyday so it will transform your hair. Your hair won T merely acquire better but it will wholly transform in merely 10 yearss. It will alter from bad and ugly to beautiful and bouncy. This advertizement is really deceptive because it makes the consumer think that if you do non utilize it for 10 yearss so a transmutation doesn T occur and the consumer has been mislead. Your hair can non be transformed, it must do a gradual alteration.

A 2nd advertizement that does non state much is the Nike advertizements. The type of advertisement that Nike is known for is unfinished words. Nike s most celebrated advertizement is the motto Just make it. What is the consumer supposed to merely make? Nike uses this tactic because this tactic counts on the consumer completing the motto such as merely make it and purchase the new brace of Nike places. Not merely do they unfi

nished words but they besides join the advertizement motto with powerful ocular images.

Another illustration of a company utilizing unfinished words as a signifier of advertisement is SuperCuts. In a recent newspaper advertizement, SuperCuts used the phrase expression good. This is a really subjective advertizement because the word expression has no specific significance. By utilizing the word look the advertizers are depending on the consumers reading of the significance. They hope the significance is positive but in truth what might look good to one individual might look bad to another.

Another tactic advertizers use is personification, depicting a inanimate object with life traits. In an advertizement for Cacharel ( a type of aroma ) the advertizers use the phrase A aroma with a new vision. By stating that the aroma has a vision the advertizers are giving the aroma a human trait, which is that the aroma can see. And by utilizing the word vision, the consumer receives a message that the aroma is positive and has dreams. The advertizers want the consumer to associate to the visions in hope that if they buy the merchandise those positive feelings and visions will be transformed into them.

By utilizing weasel words and other tactics, the advertizer is able to pull strings the consumer into believing something that is non truly true. These tactics besides make the consumer read excessively profoundly into certain phrases. By making this, the advertizer is able to carry the consumer into purchasing their merchandise, although the consumer does non to the full understanding what the advertizement is stating.