Anchoring: the College Inspires Students for Hardwork Essay Sample

The college inspires the pupils for difficult work and earnestness by all possible agencies. The pupils and staffs are encouraged for good work in different Fieldss and duly awarded for their bright achievement.

The one-year award distribution ceremonial brings frontward the endowments of the college in public to maintain cases of luster for others and promote them for something likewise. Many distinguished individuals are invited as invitee in head in this juncture. They deliver address or show on assorted interesting subjects and current personal businesss to entertain every bit good as promote the pupils. The brilliant students are awarded by honorable personalities and are blessed on behalf of the godly trio-Sri Sri Thakur. Holy Mother and Swamiji with the hope of greater success in their future calling. Some generous well wishers and staff members present assorted gifts to our pupils.

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Few such gifts are – Swami Vireswarananda Memorial Prize donated by Sri Chinmoy Chowdhury. Chapala Das Memorial Prize Donated by Dr. S. J. Das. Khagendranath Hiranmoyee Memorial Prize Donated by Smt. Sunila Nag. Binapani Kundu Memorial Prize donated by Dr. S. P. Kundu. Jhareswar Das Memorial Prize Donated by Dr. S. J. Das. M. L. Chakraborty Memorial Prize. Donated By Dr. P. P. Biswas. Prize Donated By Prof. K. C. Das. Principal Pk. College. Contai. Binapani Smriti Puraskar Donated By Prof. Anil Das ( Retd ) . Hemaprava Devi Memorial Prize. & A ; A. Silver Medal Donaed By Prof. U. P. Ganguly Dept. Of Chemical Engineering I. I. T. Kharagpur. Dulal Podder Memorial Prize. Donated By Smt. Sandhya Podder etc. . The ceremonial is a beginning of stimulation for the juniors and besides a manner of care foring the accomplishments of the establishment in an academic session. There are different Fieldss of public presentation that are worthy to honor. All these Fieldss are taken into consideration and any good work that brings good name to the college is consequently prized.

It has been a pleasance for the establishment to be able to administer awards to the winners every twelvemonth in the same graphic manner. The superb consequences and glorious accomplishments of every twelvemonth signify the ultimate end of the ceremonial and its success.