Associate Degree Nursing and Bachelor Degree Nursing Essay Sample

This paper’s the focal point will be on the differences in associate grade nursing ( ADN and baccalaureate in nursing ( BSN ) competences. based on educational readying. Highly qualified nurses are required by most of the wellness attention system. in the United States ( US ) Magnet infirmaries. have require all nurse directors and nurses leaders to keep a baccalaureate or alumnus grade in nursing by 2013. ( Citation ) . This author intents to analyse similarities and differences between ADN and BSN grades. the ADN is an attractive option for many. due to sawed-off plan. clip and the cut down tuition rate ; baccalaureate nursing plan have extra categories in humanistic disciplines. scientific disciplines and expanded nursing coursework. Extra categories in community wellness nursing. nursing direction and research enables the BSN nurse to be prepared for broader range of pattern ( commendation ) . By the terminal of this paper the reader we will be able to distinguish the two educational degrees based on a patient attention scenario. which demonstrates why higher instruction is recommended for nurses.

Education Based on Degree.

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Nursing schools have different nursing plans: Diploma. ADN and BSN are all grades that lead to acquiring RN licence besides include in their nucleus course of study ; Adult Health. Maternal and Newborn nursing. Pediatric. Psychiatric Nursing. Community Health nursing and Geriatric Nursing. the get downing rate is besides similar ( some instances rate differ on progress places that require BSN degree ) . There are differences that makes of BSN as higher educational degree of nursing compared to ADN. length of clip and the sum of credits required to finish each plans. ADN typically takes 2 old ages. while BSN is 4 old ages including besides the clip spent taking the requirements to inscribe in the plan. BSN offer more classs in nursing theory including nursing research. and nursing information sciences. all nursing educational degrees are require to take and go through the National Council Licensure Examination ( NCLEX ) that require “Minimum proficient competence for safe entry into basic nursing practice” ( Rosseter. 2011. p. 4 ) .


After 2 old ages degree ADN nurses vs 4 old ages degree BSN. supply adequate information to state that nurses educate at the ADN degree have a higher incidence of errors executing their responsibilities ( Rosseter. 2011. p24 ) . deficiency of research accomplishments. leading and managerial accomplishments every bit good as information sciences needed to present quality medical attention. BSN concentrates more on patient. as whole single individualise each patient. no lone physiologically besides socio-cultural. giving high quality patient attention. BSN nurses are trained to include instance direction. leading. critical thought and wellness publicity for patient wellness benefits increasing the quality of patient’s wellness attention demands.

The critical thought accomplishments that BSN use to the patients in infirmaries puting provide high degree of safety for patients than attention provide by ADN nurses. BSN include in attention Knowledge of disease procedure. pharmacological medicine. dietetic. psychiatric. and cultural demands. they can analyse subjective informations received by patients. critical lab studies. radiology/nuclear medical specialty studies. garner all current and past informations and discuses with attender and adviser for patient recovery.

Now we can reason that unmarried man grade offer to patients a higher lever of quality attention but will ne’er be plenty when patient attention is involve and farther instruction is require in order to progress in life position and to convey the last technological advantages of medical specialty and wellness attention to our patients as healthcare professionals. And promote to nurses that presently have ADN move and measure frontward on their instruction to obtain the BSN degree degree or higher. and patient attention and safety will hold better results.


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