Atlantic City Essay Sample

Officially established as a metropolis in 1854. Atlantic City was poised to go the following resort town with great existent estate chances. Located in South New Jersey on the Absecon Island. the new island resort town was frequented by the adjacent provinces via the freshly installed railroad that led all the manner up to the beach. By the 1920s ; Atlantic City was a roar town. even with prohibition in full force. Atlantic City rapidly became the Prime Minister sea side finish.

However ; after the Second World War. touristry had declined. offense and nearby destitute countries plagued the metropolis. other factors like: more Americans could now afford a vehicle and the coming of inexpensive air travel and the increasing popularity of the comparatively nearby Caribbean resorts. With Atlantic City about depending on the rail system to convey tourer into the metropolis. it rapidly withered by the sixtiess. Therefore ; in 1976. with the metropolis in confusion and in demand of dire grosss and renovation ; the community narrowly passed and legalized gaming that same twelvemonth. So ; In May of 78. the first casino opened in a born-again hotel once known as the Chalfonte-Haddon Hall Hotel. with many more to shoot at its heals. Harmonizing to the Atlantic City free public library ;

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“By 1988. a twelve casinos were unfastened and the figure of one-year visitants had grown from 700. 000 in 1978. to over 33 million. By the twelvemonth 2000. the city’s revenue enhancement base had skyrocketed to more than $ 6. 7 billion. up from $ 316 million in 1976. The positive impact on Atlantic City occupants can be seen in revitalised vicinities. new lodging undertakings and public service installations and in economic. societal and cultural plans. ”

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