Business: Strategic Management and Harvard Referencing Method Essay Sample

Strategic Management ( Queensgate ) Individual Assignment ( 2012 -13 ) Learning outcomes ? ? ? Evaluate instance surveies in scheme way. scheme execution and strategic direction. Discourse the strategic waies that can be chosen by administrations through the application of relevant theoretical constructs. State the demand for strategic options and their choice.

Coursework: Case Study based on cardinal reading – CRH plc: successful corporate – degree scheme in a ambitious environment. Case written by Mike Moroni Task: Pulling on a scope of analytical theoretical accounts. carry on a comprehensive strategic analysis of CRH and urge a scheme for the administration. In your analysis it is besides of import to highlight restrictions of utilizing analytical theoretical accounts in strategic analysis. Examples of analytical theoretical accounts are shown below. Please note that the list is non thorough. You may use any other analytical theoretical accounts that you consider as relevant.

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Environmental analysis – PESTEL and Porter’s 5 Forces Strategic capableness analysis – Value Chain. VRIN. VRIO. Organizational civilization analysis – Cultural web. McKinsey’s 7-S Framework Strategic options – Ansoff’s matrix Competitive schemes – Porter’s Generic Strategies. Strategy Clock etc

Approximate weighting of Markss: Part 1: Choice. critical rating and justification of the pick of the theoretical accounts ( 20 % ) Part 2: Critical analysis with application of the chosen theoretical accounts ( 60 % ) Part 3: Decision ( 20 % ) Word count: 2. 500 words +/- 10 % ( tabular arraies of content. lists of tabular arraies and figures. appendices. list of mentions. tabular arraies and diagrams are non included in the word count ) . Appendixs should be used for indispensable information merely and should be clearly referenced in the text. Entire word count should be clearly indicated on the front sheet of the assignment. Punishments will use for transcending word count. Essential: the work should show critical analysis and rating. Harvard citing method should be used where appropriate.

There should be an grounds of a wider reading ( non merely textbooks and the company websites but besides academic diaries ) . Submission day of the month: Monday 18 February 2013 Time: 10. m. Please note you are required to subject two transcripts ; ( I ) Electronically via Turnitinuk on Unilearn and ( two ) A difficult transcript should be submitted into the Assignment Drop- in Box situated at the Business School response on degree. Please note that entry of the assignment after the deadline without an sanctioned extension or palliating fortunes will ensue in the grade being capped at 40 % . Please refer to the pupil ordinances and your pupil enchiridion

Notes: ? Your coursework must be word-processed. Harvard citing method should be used where appropriate. ? You must include a front sheet to your assignment that contains your name. pupil figure. class. Module codification ( BHS0027 ) and your word count. ? Attention is drawn to the regulations on academic misconduct ( including unattributed commendations from text editions etc ) . mention to your Student Handbook for the punishments for non-compliance.

Taging Scheme ( generic )

Criteria Generic communicating

100 %

70+ The reply is first-class in construction. lucidity and presentation Excellent research accomplishments demonstrated in a clear apprehension of relevant theories/concepts All relevant theoretical constructs applied efficaciously Shows ability to incorporate theory and pattern. Decisions and recommendations based on sound rating and logic. Comprehensive scope of mentions used to back up statements

5 %

60-69 The reply is good structured. The content is clear and good presented. Good research accomplishments used to demo cognition and apprehension of relevant constructs

Knowledge and understanding

30 %


30 %

A good choice of models applied aptly

50-59 The reply is of an acceptable criterion in lucidity. construction and presentation. An acceptable degree of apprehension of the constructs of scheme choice and execution shown An acceptable degree of theoretical models used. but non ever applied good. An acceptable degree of rating in grounds. Satisfactory decisions and recommendations An acceptable scope of mentions used to back up statements

40-49 The reply has fallen below outlooks in lucidity. construction and presentation.

Below 40 ( Fail ) Poor reply in footings of construction and presentation.

The degree of research and knowledge/understanding has fallen below outlooks

Lack of grounds of research on deficiencies cognition of relevant constructs