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Calcium Essay, Research Paper

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Calcium is the 5th most abundant substance in our organic structure behind N, H, O, and C. Calcium is needed in our organic structures to maintain us healthy and strong. Ninety-nine per centum of our organic structure s Ca is located in our castanetss. Calcium was named after the Latin word -calx which means calcium hydroxide. It gained this name because of its copiousness in the chemical compound limestone. It is an Alkaline Earth Metal with an atomic figure of 20 on the tabular array of elements. Calcium was foremost discovered to be an independent metal in 1808 by Sir Humphrey Davy in England. Unfortunately this mineral does non happen of course so we must absorb it through a day-to-day consumption of nutrients. This element serves many intents in our organic structures. The primary map of Ca is to beef up castanetss, dentitions, and gristle. A specific consumption of Ca is needed mundane to see proper growing and strong castanetss, peculiarly during child-hood when we are turning ( see chart 1 ) . During gestation a female parent must duplicate her Ca consumption to back up two people. Lack of Ca during gestation can do jobs in the growing of castanetss. For illustration, if non adequate Ca is taken during gestation, the jaw of a babe may non develop to the full, doing cramped infinite for tooth growing which can ensue in tooth loss. Our organic structures besides need Ca for grounds other than growing. Calcium is stored in the castanetss, and on occasion our blood will take some of the bone s Ca for other parts of the organic structure. Calcium is critical to the musculuss, and plants with other minerals to keep normal musculus contraction, including our pulse. Without it muscles spasms and cramp. Calcium is besides used for the motion of striated and smooth musculuss. In add-on, Ca is indispensable for our nervousnesss. When degrees of Ca in the blood bead nerves become allergic, and weaker transmittals and urges take topographic point. Surveies besides indicate that Ca may assist to forestall diseases such as diabetes, lockjaw, and malignant neoplastic disease. Another usage of Ca occurs in cell membranes. It helps to maintain their form and is used to transport foods across the membrane. Calcium besides produces enzymes in the organic structure, and is used as a buffer in the tummy to neutralize acids. The mineral promotes blood curdling, helps to forestall wakefulness and anxiousness, and AIDSs in alleviating allergic reaction symptoms. These are merely some of the many grounds that Ca is so of import to us. Unfortunately, as said before, Ca does non happen of course in our organic structures and nature so we are responsible for keeping a proper sum of Ca in our organic structures. At different ages we are required to take different sums of Ca to maintain us healthy. The undermentioned chart ( 1 ) is a recommended day-to-day consumption of Ca for work forces and adult females of different agesChart 1: AGE MALE FEMALE1 twelvemonth 500 milligram 500 mg2-3 old ages 550 mg 550 mg4-6 old ages 600 mg 600 mg7-9 old ages 700 mg 700 mg10-12 old ages 900 mg 1100 mg13-15 old ages 1100 milligram 1000 mg16-18 old ages 900 mg 700 mg19-49 old ages 800 mg 700 mg50+ old ages 800 mg 800 mgpregnant and nursing 500 milligram + daily for age By eating the right nutrients everyday, we can hold our day-to-day recommended consumption of Ca without much problem. We are able to make this because so many nutrients contain high degrees of Ca. Dairy merchandises are the primary beginning of Ca, which include yoghurts, milk, cheeses, and other milk merchandises. However, Ca is non merely limited to dairy merchandises. It is besides found in nutrients such as: nuts and Prunus dulciss, salmon, pilchards, bean curd, oysters, mustard leafy vegetables, oranges,

many veggies, runt, and staff of life. The undermentioned chart gives the Ca sums for many of these nutrients. Chart 2 Food Amount CalciumPlain yogurt 1 cup 415 mgSardines 3 ounces 372 mgNonfat milk 1 cup 302 mgNonfat instant milk 1/3 cup 279 mgCheddar cheese 1 ounce 204 milligram

Canned salmon with castanetss 3 ounces 167 mgTofu 1 cake 154 mgUncreamed bungalow cheese 1 cup 146 mgOysters + cup 113 mgMustard leafy vegetables, cooked + cup 97 mgOrange 1 medium 54 mgCooked Brassica oleracea italica + cup 50 mgCooked navy beans + cup 48 mgApricots, dried + cup 44 mgWhole wheat bread 1 piece 24 milligram The sums of Ca in staff of lifes are surprisingly high. In fact if you eat six pieces of white bread per twenty-four hours you will hold 30 % more Ca than the recommended day-to-day allowance. Calcium can besides be found in dietetic addendums, but the Ca in these addendums is frequently dependent on vitamins such as vitamin D to digest and acquire absorbed decently. Problems with Ca can originate by holding excessively much or excessively small. If non adequate Ca is absorbed two serious jobs can originate. The first is a status called osteoporosis. This is a status in which the castanetss lose denseness and go weak because they do non hold adequate Ca. The castanetss become so weak that simple mundane actions such as clinchs can do castanetss to interrupt. Osteoporosis affects one in four adult females and one in every eight work forces over 50. The 2nd is a disease called high blood pressure. Hypertension is merely high blood force per unit area ensuing from a deficit of Ca which makes the arterias hard and stiff. Among the many jobs that can come from excessively much Ca, one of the most serious are kidney rocks. Kidney rocks can happen for a assortment of grounds ; one ground excessively much Ca gets stored in the kidneys. Calcium is needed in the kidneys along with other minerals. However, if non adequate H2O is consumed in the organic structure, the Ca and other minerals begin to indurate into kidney rocks. The manner to forestall kidney rocks is non needfully to take down your consumption of Ca. Doctors say to forestall this status merely imbibe at least two quarts of H2O per twenty-four hours. Without Ca we would non be able to last. Our organic structures would go delicate and weak, our blood force per unit area would go perilously high, and we would hold bad unwritten hygiene among other jobs. Calcium is so easy to happen and devour that one should hold no job run intoing their day-to-day Ca demands. Chart 1: The Dairy Nutrition Council of Alberta. Daily Calcium Needs hypertext transfer protocol: // 2: The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals ; 2nd edition. Elisabeth Somer, M.A. , R.D. & A ; Health Media of America. The Calcium Content of Selected Foods pg.93. Harper Perennial Publishing. 1. ) The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals ; 2nd edition. Elisabeth Somer, M.A. , R.D. & A ; Health Media of America. Calcium pgs.89-94. Harper Perennial Publishing. 2. ) The Federation of Bakers Nutrition. Calcium hypertext transfer protocol: // 3. ) Periodic Table: Ca: history: WebElements. Calcium ( Ca ) hypertext transfer protocol: // 4. ) Compton s Encyclopedia Online. Calciumhttp: // getdoc+view1+arts003+860+6+wAAA+calcium 5. ) Calcium Carbonate. Calcium Carbonate hypertext transfer protocol: // 6. ) Dairy Nutrition Council of Alberta. Calcium for Life hypertext transfer protocol: // 7. ) Kidney Stones. Preventing Kidney Stones hypertext transfer protocol: // # forestalling