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Criminal Law Probe


Murder is when a individual of sound head unlawfully kills any individual with maliciousness aforethought.

To be convicted of slaying, it has to be proven that the accused planned to kill the victim, or that the accused acted in a manner that he/she knew would harm or kill the victim.

To support against slaying, one could claim self-defense, that is, that they killed the individual while supporting themselves, if this was proven, the accused should acquire acquitted. They could besides claim they were provoked, if this was proven, the offense would be brought down to manslaughter.

The penalty for slaying is normally life imprisonment, but the tribunal can enforce any penalty they choose.

A current Australian instance is the 1 affecting Adrian Bryant, who is accused of killing many people in Port Arthur earlier this twelvemonth.


Common assault ( non sexual or prehending assault ) , is the usage of force by a individual meaning to bring down hurting, hurt, uncomfortableness or abuse on another individual.

To turn out this, it must be shown that the accused committed the offense, no premeditation needs to be proven.

To support against this, the accused could claim it was an accident, self-defense or consent of the victim. Consent is merely if the victim said it was all right for the accused to make what he/she did. The other two are self explanatory.

The maximal punishment is 5 old ages imprisonment, but normally penalties include mulcts, good behavior and community based orders.

A recent instance in Australia was of a adult male who was stabbed outside a cabaret by a group of people.


Rape is any debut of any object into the vagina or anus of another individual without their consent.

To turn out colza it must be proven that it was committed without the consent of the victim.

The common defense mechanism is that the victim consented to the act, whereas, the accused would be acquit


The penalty for colza is a upper limit of 10 old ages, and if person has been found guilty of colza twice, they can be tried for colza with aggravated fortunes and a upper limit of 20 old ages applies for this offense.

An Australian instance that I can retrieve involved a adult male who was accused of ravishing his married woman, and his defense mechanism was that she was inquiring for it.


Kidnapping is the taking off of a individual by another or others with purpose to demand payment such as ransom.

It has to be proven that the accused intended to demand something, and that they took the individual against their will.

If the accused has asked for something in return for the individual they have purportedly kidnapped, there isn? t any common defense mechanisms. Otherwise, they could state the victim consented to travel along with them.

The punishment is a upper limit of 20 old ages imprisonment.

A instance that I can retrieve is when a adult male from some foreign state, came to Australia and kidnapped his boy from his ex-wife? s attention.


Larceny is the dishonest appropriation of belongings which belongs to another individual with the purpose of for good striping that other individual of his/her belongings.

It has to be proven that the accused deliberately took the belongings, and they planned to for good strip the individual of the belongings.

A defense mechanism that could be used is that they intended giving it back, this may work if the accused knew the individual, otherwise, if the accused is found with the belongings, they could state they bought it from person, which they would so be tried for ownership of stolen goods, but it carries a smaller punishment.

The punishment for larceny is a upper limit of 10 old ages imprisonment.

Larceny is happening really frequently, little instances and larger 1s. One that I can remember was a random-access memory foray on a jewelry shop in the metropolis earlier this twelvemonth, where a group of people rammed a four wheel thrust through the forepart of the shop and proceeded to steal the goods from the shop.