Critical Analysis for Footnote to Youth Essay Sample

Many parents today are non in favour of early matrimony. this is because they know that married life is hard. It’s true that most of the adolescents today who got married are sing adversities in life. Footnote to youth is the rubric of the narrative. It is said that it is a footer to youth because it is a brief reminder for the Filipinos particularly the young person of what a existent life could be today. It besides indicates the beginnings or the causes why young person act this manner. It furthermore adds remark. whether it is a positive or negative. on today’s coevals. Yes it is suited to the narrative because it gives a warning for those apathetic young person that one’s committed error because of their obstinacy. The narrative is all about Dodong who got married despite of his father’s expostulation.

His love with Teang made him make up one’s mind to acquire married even he is merely 17. The series of events in the narrative was in causal order that made the narrative really clear in the head of the readers. It explains good the ground and cause that forced Dodong to move as he does which besides affects the development of the chief character’s personality. The psychological scene alterations as it affects the character’s personality in the narrative. When Dodong was immature he thought he’s right in take a firm standing to acquire married with Teang even both of them are still immature. But he started to understand things that should non be when Teang gave birth to their first kid. Blas. He was ashamed to his parents of his vernal paternity. The struggle made the narrative really interesting because it’s when both Dodong and Teang realized that they shouldn’t acquire married early.

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