Education of Polytechnic and Junior College Essay Sample

1 Introduction
Many secondary school pupils frequently have troubles in taking which instruction tract to take upon having their ‘O’ degree scrutiny consequences. A pupil might hesitate infinitely between a polytechnic instruction and a junior college instruction. The differences between the two instructions systems are so huge that people frequently debate over which is the superior 1. Statisticss have shown that more pupils prefer to choose for a polytechnic instruction whereas some pupils prefer the latter. ( Education Statistics Digest 2012 ) The intent of this survey is to analyze the differences between the instruction system of a engineering school and a junior college. This paper will cover the teaching methodological analysis. affordability and campus environment of the two different instruction systems.

2 Teaching Methodology
There is a great unsimilarity in the manner pupils are being taught in both polytechnic and junior college. Students in both establishments learn different things within different timespans. Their exposure to society and the method of appraisal are non similar.

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2. 1 Duration of class
Students in both establishment survey for a different period of clip. A pupil in engineering school will hold to analyze for three old ages. a far call from a junior college pupil who merely has to analyze for two old ages. Polytechnic besides splits up their twelvemonth into semesters. Therefore. a polytechnic pupil has to travel through six semesters before graduating. Every semester. a polytechnic pupil will take up different faculties. On the contrary. a junior college pupil learns a figure of same topics throughout the three old ages of their instruction. much like what they have done in secondary school.

2. 2 Learning aims and range
One of import difference between polytechnic and junior college is the things that they learn. Polytechnic Teachs their students’ knowledge that is relevant to their class of survey. For illustration. pupils taking sheepskin in Information Technology will merely larn things relevant to their class and non unneeded things as such Chemistry. Students will be able to larn things that they really want to larn. On the other manus. what a junior college pupil learns consists of Mathematics. General Paper. Economicss. and Sciences and so on. The topics are besides split into two different sort of degree. chiefly H1 and H2. with H2 being the higher degree of the topic.

2. 3 Interactions and chances with external societies Polytechnic and junior college pupils are exposed to different things. Some junior college has cultural exchange. whereby the school plays as a host to pupils from other state. Sometimes the junior college might besides direct pupils out for abroad cultural exchange trip. While in engineering school. pupils may besides travel on such trips but engineering schools does non move as a host for other country’s pupil. A engineering school on the other manus. sends their concluding twelvemonth pupils for internship. where they get to derive experience in the occupation field that they will be specializing in in the hereafter. A junior college pupil does non hold this sort of privilege. This gives polytechnic pupil an border in the hereafter when they step out to the working society as they are equipped with valuable experiences.

2. 4 Changing methods of appraisal
Students are assessed otherwise in engineering schools and junior college. In engineering schools. pupils do non hold to travel through a national degree scrutiny and are graded based on their day-to-day assignments and normal scrutinies. Hence. a polytechnic pupil will hold to set in much attempt in every piece of work they are subjecting. They are so assessed based on their Grade Point Average. with 4 being the perfect mark. Universities will look at a polytechnic student’s Grade Point Average if the pupil want to travel on to the university. On the other manus. a junior college pupil would hold to travel through a national degree scrutiny at the terminal of their two twelvemonth instruction. The national degree examination‘s consequence will be what junior college pupil uses to come in the university. This is similar to what they have been through in primary school and secondary school in order to acquire to the following milepost of their instruction.

2. 5 Job and instruction chances of alumnuss
Upon graduation. the certification that both polytechnic and junior college pupils receive are of different value. Polytechnic pupils will hold an easier clip seeking for a occupation as their enfranchisement is of higher value. This is due to engineering schools being classified under third instruction whereas junior college’s is merely a pre-tertiary instruction. Hence. a polytechnic pupil will hold higher advantages in seeking for a occupation than a junior college pupil as he or she is equipped with experiences from their internship preparation and holds a enfranchisement of a third instruction. However. if both pupils are viing for a topographic point in local universities. a junior college would stand a higher opportunity to procure the topographic point. Local universities merely fix a certain per centum of their topographic points for engineering schools pupils. ( Poly pupils on degree way demand more paths ) Polytechnic pupils who manage to acquire into university might acquire faculties exemption if they major in the same field as their polytechnic class. Therefore. junior college pupils stand a higher opportunity to go on their instruction in the local universities while polytechnic pupils have better occupation chances.

3 Different instruction fees and related disbursals
Both instruction systems vary in their affordability. In comparing. polytechnic instruction is less low-cost than junior college due to their one-year school fees and transit disbursals.

3. 1 Annual school fees
There is a really immense difference in the school fees between junior college and polytechnic. Junior college school fees are extremely subsidised by the authorities ( Ministry of Education. Singapore: Education System: Pre-University Education ) and can travel every bit low as $ 6. On the other manus. polytechnic school fees are every bit high as $ 2. 250 for Singaporean pupils. ( Polytechnics. ITEs to raise school fees for AY 2012 ) Students will besides necessitate to buy a laptop which can be up to $ 2. 000. However. there are many bursary application opened for pupils in order to ease their fiscal loads. ( Overview )

3. 2 Transportation system disbursals are cheaper for some
A junior college pupil gets to pay less than a polytechnic pupil when utilizing public transit. This is due to junior college pupils being able to retain their pupil menu whereas polytechnic pupils are forced to pay grownup menu. ( Concessions for poly pupils will be conveyance operators $ 28m more ) However. polytechnic student‘s flexible timetable will let them to make parttime work in order to get by with the lifting cost of transit.

4 Campus environment and acquisition infinites
Polytechnic institutes and junior college have really different campus environment. This is due to the difference in their campus size and installations. There is besides no frock codification enforced in engineering schools.

4. 1 Campus installations vary between establishments
Polytechnic institutes have a significantly wider assortment of installations and a larger campus when compared to junior colleges. This is because engineering schools have a larger consumption of pupils numbering up to 15. 000 pupils. Hence. a big sum of schoolroom and installations is needed to suit the pupil population and to ease their acquisition. There is besides installations room such as Studio 27 in Ngee Ann Polytechnic which allows pupils to play with console games. ( Friends of NP ) You can barely happen such installations in a junior college due to the huge focal point placed on surveies.

4. 2 Co-Curricular Activities available to pupils
As engineering schools have a broad scope of installations such as swimming pool. it created possibilities of a broad scope of co-curricular activities. Hence. in comparing with junior colleges. engineering schools have a wider scope of co-curricular activities for pupils to take from. ( Clubs & A ; Societies )

4. 3 Dress codification for pupils
Dress codification plays a immense function in making the campus environment. In junior colleges. pupils are to have on uniforms and adhere to the frock codification. Being in an environment with everyone have oning the same unvarying tends to make a more “school-like” ambiance. On the other manus. engineering schools pupils are allowed to have on their place apparels with minimal regulations to follow.

5 Decision
This paper has examined the differences between engineering schools and junior colleges. Polytechnics pupil have lower analyzing period. They besides have to pay higher fees for instruction. Despite this. polytechnic pupils get to bask a wider assortment of co-curricular activities. campus installations and acquire to graduate with industry experiences and a third instruction certification. Regardless of the huge differences between the two instruction systems as explained in the old arrows. engineering schools proved to be a better instruction system for pupils after graduating from secondary school. This is because while polytechnic pupils have a lesser opportunity to acquire into local universities. polytechnic pupils still gain many valuable internship experiences and larn accomplishments and cognition that can be applied while they are working. Inevitably. all pupils will stop up in the on the job society and this gives polytechnic pupils a head start as they have been through similar experiences.

Polytechnic pupils besides get to bask a more vivacious school life as they are non bounded by frock codification and have many chances to take part in co-curricular activities and school events. Therefore. polytechnic instruction is a better instruction system as compared to junior college. Nevertheless. one should non merely merely choose engineering schools due to the above grounds. Students should measure on what calling way they wish to ship on in the hereafter before doing their determination. If a pupil still does non cognize what they want to make in life. they should pick a junior college and subsequently do their determination in universities. But if a pupil already has a specialized field that he/she is interested in. they should pick a engineering school as this gives them an penetration of what they will be making in the hereafter.


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