English Is Important for Our Daily Life Essay Sample

In this economic system money makes the universe go about. To hold money ; to hold tonss of it is non incorrect and it ne’er will be. but money is a tool either for good or for bad. How we use the money is what is of great importance here. It is ever better to be rich instead than hapless. The ground is simple ; to hold is better than to miss. We all want our day-to-day needs met. It is human nature and there is nil incorrect with it.

It is better to be rich there are a batch of bad things about being hapless. that being rich could bring around. aggregators naming in the center of the dark endangering to action you or. a deficiency of slumber due to the concern of non holding the money to pay all the measures. There are times your tummy seems like the hurting is an eternal cavity of grouching and you don’t eat because you can non afford nutrient. To be rich would intend non holding to worry about any of this. to be rich is in its ain manner a sanctuary of eternal nutriments.

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In decision. we have all desired to be affluent so that we can bask life without fiscal concerns. The thought that money can non purchase felicity is an easy thought to hold with. However. non holding to worry approximately twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours disbursals is in it ain. money purchasing felicity. If you are still non positive that money can purchase felicity. so there is one last quotation mark I want you to believe about as I conclude. If “Money can’t bargain felicity. neither can poverty”