Examine Sociological Contributions to Our Understanding of Youth Culture Essay Sample

Youth civilization as a whole is the shared norms and values of “youth” as a whole. Although there is no in agreement biological age which determines person to be a young person there are certain behaviors which are associated with this phase of development e. g Rebelling. Binge imbibing. partying etc. Functionalists. consensus and structuralist theoretician. say that we are taught youth civilization through the agents of socialization eg Media. household. Education etc. and that we have no pick but to conform. Einsenstadt. a functionalist. said that Youth is “transition mechanism” and is the phase in which we begin to alter from kids to grownups. Social action theoreticians nevertheless would differ with the functionalist point of position. as they believe that we have the ability to take our individuality and that youth civilization is something we choose for ourselves instead than it being imposed on us. They say that we are able to pull off the feeling that other people have of us and that we are non merely a merchandise of the Agents of Socialisation. Cohen. a cardinal Social action theoretician. blames the media for the negative position about Youth civilization that we have today.

He says that the media creates moral terrors ed by overstating narratives on the mods and bikerss in the 1960’s created a societal anxiousness about young person in general. He claims that the media blames youth for the moral diminution of the state and that Youth civilization has been spoilt and stigmatised by The media. Marxists on the other manus. consensus and Structuralist theoreticians. say. like Functionalist. that Youth civilization is imposed on us through the agents of socialization. nevertheless instead than a “transition mechanism” they believe that we are socialised in order for the middle class to further work the labor and for them to do net income eg through manner. make-up. engineering. magazines. Marxists say that the middle class like youth civilization as it prevents us from going category witting and revolting against them.

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Last Feminists. structuralist and struggle theoreticians. besides believe that we are taught Youth civilization through the agents of socialization. They say that females are stereotyped and largely absent in surveies of youth civilization. Mc Robbie. a cardinal women’s rightist. made a survey on “female sleeping room culture” in which misss use make-up. dance. read mags free from the force per unit area of the outside universe and to get away the subjugation from work forces. In decision young person civilization plays a large function in todays post-industrial society. All theories acknowledge the being of youth civilization but can non hold on its map.