Family Values Essay Sample

Hannah Montana is a situation comedy that shows a Teenage ace with earthy Family Values. Hannah Montana. the telecasting series. demonstrates the complications of trying to keep established household values. while being a teenage miss who has become celebrated and affluent. Miley Stewart. besides known as Hannah Montana. is repetitively trying to equilibrate her Tennessee. earthy household values with the enticements of fiscal and famous person success and how that reproduces greed. In the sense of a worldview. Hanna Montana mirrors a similar worldview to my ain. by doing an effort ne’er to ache others and endeavoring to retroflex a solid consciousness of right and incorrect. In the situation comedy. the characters of the household are made up of a untraditional state of affairs. It is made up of Hannah Montana’s individual male parent. two best friends and her Goofy brother. Although Hannah Montana may be thought as a low budget series founded on a spoilt teenage miss with a batch of celebrity. at the terminal of each show. Miley ever comes back to her solid household values of making what is right. After sing several shows. I have come to the decision that Hannah Montana has a positive influence in respects to a earthy set of household values.

It is of import to exemplify typical teenage struggles in a telecasting series. so that our young person can associate to that histrion. This series shows the character as a ethical individual that suggest the best values that our state can hold. In the show. Hannah Montana. she is a immature adolescent who happens to be a celebratory. Her celebrity and money are invariably a challenge her ethical foundation with philistinism. that her grounded male parent is ever steering her to make the right thing even if she does non see why she should make them at first. In todays civilization. the perceptual experience of household and household values have turned out to be someone’s personal pick and non the typical pick to follow It is inspirational for a telecasting show to repeat my personal account of a household and some of the constructs of good household values. Because Miley female parent is non in the show she relays on her male parent. The household includes blood household every bit good as close friends. I was a individual female parent. raising a girl and on a regular basis refer to my close friends as my household. The characters are ranchers from Tennessee. This puting gives us a feeling of a earthy. Christen based values that are being questioned often because of the Hollywood life style.

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Miley’s male parent is continually giving her advice and counsel to be true to her moral nucleus values. in malice of where they live and who they are. In this manner. Hannah Montana is a positive inspiration for our immature people to watch and mime. American civilization includes an copiousness of resources. and telecasting is one resource that influences striplings about their beliefs on world. and Cosgrove ( 2006 ) explains that one definition of a worldview is a set of premises sing how persons understand world ( p. 19 ) . Hannah Montana has the control to act upon the worldview of our young person. It is a nice and feel-good show that can act upon us in a positive manner. In one episode. Miley’s father caught her lying to him. and he showed letdown throughout the full show. At the terminal her male parent conveyed their values by stating her that she needed to swear herself every bit much as he trusted her.

These are some of the same things I have instilled in my ain kids. If they were dishonest with me. it was of import to talk sensible and morally to them. in order to act upon them in a positive manner. Media is a powerful manner to animate immature people in the manner of reflecting our nation’s worldview. and the telecasting series. Hannah Montana influences striplings in a positive manner. This positive influence includes the representation of the chief characters battles with juggle celebrity and philistinism with old manner household values that were founded before going celebrated. Her unconventional household draws her out of being mercenary. which includes her sure Father. brother and close friends. The show echoes many of my personal values. leting me to experience positive about my personal worldviews of non desiring to ache others feelings and seeking do the right thing all the clip.