Finding Nemo: Pros and Cons Essay Sample

When I was younger. I loved Finding Nemo. It was great film about a lost fish and a father’s love. but as I grew up. I started detecting the little implicit in messages hidden within the film. Although I still love this film. and I can cite bulk of it. there are some negative facets that I can understand some grownups do non desire their kid knowing merely yet.

Nemo is a great film for kids. Yes. there are some deeper significances within the film. but most likely kids haven’t learned those deeper significances and are merely basking a film about a lost fish. It sends a good message that a male parent will travel thought many hard obstructions to happen his boy. It besides shows a individual pa seeking difficult to raise his boy. Being overprotective of his boy. Marlin overcame his fright and swam stat mis and oceans to happen Nemo. Despite Dory’s mental unwellness. Marlin came to accept Dory for who she truly was and Nemo already accepted her for who she was when he met her and this truly shows true friendly relationship because they were able to overlook her disablement. When Nemo was captured by the frogman. he was put into a fish armored combat vehicle with other fish.

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These fish are from all different topographic points and they all had different experiences. with one common end: they wanted to acquire out of the fish armored combat vehicle and into the ocean. They accepted Nemo. after an induction. and they worked together to happen their manner out of the fish armored combat vehicle. Although Bruce. the great white shark. tried to eat Dory and Marlin. in the terminal they all became good friends and he even protects Nemo when he goes back to school. While they are in the trench. Dory tells Marlin to “just maintain swimming” and this can be a great life lesson. It teaches childs doggedness.

For older teens. immature grownups and grownups. Finding Nemo might non be a good film because of the deeper significances. For illustration. Dory has a mental unwellness and although it seems amusing. it might look that people are express joying at her mental disablement. Even though she does assist in the terminal. Nemo’s classmates force per unit area him to roll from the remainder of the group so swim out in the unfastened to touch a boat. He so disobeys his male parent and swims out into the unfastened and gets kidnapped by some frogmans. This can learn childs to disobey their parents in some ways. Marlin. his male parent. repeatedly tells Nemo non swim out and touch the boat. but Nemo did anyhow. This truly sends a message about negative equal force per unit area. Dory and Marlin run into some sharks that are seeking to be “vegetarians” and they say “Fish are friends. non food” but every bit shortly as he smelled blood. Bruce. the leader. took off after them. hungry for blood. This teaches childs that people can feign to be your friend.

Although this film is great for kids. possibly older persons will non wish the implicit in significances of some parts of the films. Yes. Dory has a mental disablement. but her true friends overlooked that and accepted her for who she was. Furthermore. Bruce did seek to eat his friends.