High Schools and Fast Food Essay Sample

Imagine that you are a high school pupil. Everyday. you eat lunch with your friends at the fast nutrient topographic point near your school. You order your usual dual cheeseburger with Gallic french friess and travel to sit down with your friends. They’re standing by the wall. waiting for another group to acquire up so you can sit at your usual tabular array by the peddling machine. Ten proceedingss go by before the group eventually leaves. When you sit down and look at your cell phone. you realize that you have merely three proceedingss to acquire to category! You scarf down your dual cheeseburger and manage to squash in a few Gallic french friess before you hastily get down for the door. You try to set on your fleece. it’s a instead blustering twenty-four hours. but it won’t zipper up all the manner and fits you much more snuggly than it used to. Now you have a mere two proceedingss to traverse the street and race up the stepss through the multitude of pupils. When you eventually acquire to category. the late bell has already rung and you’re out of breath. Your instructor decides that taking 5 off your essay due today is sensible penalty. non that he believes you will of all time acquire an A anyways. I am composing this essay to show my sentiment on shuting down the fast nutrient eating house that late opened across from my school. My sentiment is it should be shut down. I believe the manner I do because pupils return late from tiffin. fast nutrient is highly unhealthy. and non all pupils can suit in at one time.

Students return late to category after eating at the fast nutrient topographic point across from school. When pupils come to category tardily. they are non merely taking off from themselves. but they are interrupting the pupils who were on clip. Students who are non punctual are frequently unprepared every bit good. They may hold forgotten about an assignment because they are excessively concerned with disbursement clip with their friends. Teachers tend to acquire annoyed with pupils who choose non to finish assignments. which would already get down the category off on a negative note. Besides. category clip is taken advantage of when instructors are forced to train pupils alternatively of educating.

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Fast nutrient is highly unhealthy. Eating nutrients with such high fat content everyday can do wellness issues such as diabetes. fleshiness. high blood force per unit area and high cholesterin. A dual cheeseburger from a popular fast nutrient concatenation contains 421 Calories and 21 gms of fat! In recent old ages. there has been a dramatic addition in the figure of adolescents who struggle with fleshiness. Students with wellness issues have trouble with their school assignment and frequently are unable to take part in all the activities that they wish to. Our state already has a stereotype of being place to lazy. fleshy people and I do non believe that we should reenforce that belief. For illustration. harmonizing to World Wide Web. americansportsdata. com/obesitystats. asp. between 1962 and 2000. the figure of corpulent Americans grew from 13 % to and dismaying 31 % of the population. 63 % of Americans are overweight with a BMI ( Body Mass Index ) in surplus of 25. 0. And the most lurid fact of all is that fleshiness is responsible for over 300. 000 deceases nationwide each twelvemonth!

Not all pupils can suit into the fast nutrient topographic point at one time. This leads to long lines. differences. and shambles. Adolescents frequently become bullies due to their deficiency of forbearance. Cipher wants annoyed childs hanging about. Students will frequently herd around the exterior of the eating house. interrupting the day-to-day traffic. When tonss of people are confined in a little country. jobs will most likely arouse. For case. on the popular telecasting show Survivor. people are forced to populate together for 39 yearss in fundamentally the center of nowhere. Many differences occur after being stuck together for so long. When there are excessively many high school pupils in one little eating house. they will non acquire along.

I believe that pupils should be forbidden from traveling to the fast nutrient eating house during school hours. Students return late to category. there is non adequate room for everyone. and fast nutrient is highly unhealthy. I urge to side with me because I know that you do non desire to witness another coevals of immature America trade with fleshiness. and struggle through their school assignment. The hereafter of our state needs to be healthy and good prepared to take on whatever challenges they may confront. and a fast nutrient eating house will most surely non assist that cause.