Hospital Attachment Essay Sample

Sing the affair above. I. Muhammad syafik B Badrul Hisham. a pre-medical pupil from Kolej Mara Banting would wish to bespeak for a hospital fond regard at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. 2. As I am traveling to pursuit my survey in medical specialty in one twelvemonth clip. by making this Hospital Attachment. I hope that I would be able to accomplish the undermentioned aim: * It will give me the exposure about the medical field and besides being a physician * To animate and actuate me in going a successful physician in the hereafter * It will besides give me the greatest doctor’s point of position of the day-to-day life of a physician * This Hospital Attachment could be as fillip for me to compose my personal statement for our university entryway in UK or Ireland

3. I would wish to work in different sections. I would pass one twenty-four hours to see two sections. in order to detect and interact with the patient and besides the specializer physicians involved in the section. These are the inside informations:

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Suggested section:
1. Department of Cardiology
2. Department of Neurology
3. Department of Pathology
4. Emergency room ( on-call )
5. General surgery ( if you give me the permission to be in the operation theater ) 4. These are merely my suggested sections. The choice of sections will be harmonizing to your convenience. 5. Due to clip restraint and assorted college plans that I have to go to. I truly necessitate to finish the fond regard during December vacation. on: Suggested day of the months: 28th boulder clay 30th January 2013 ( or any other day of the months that you prefer ) Suggested clip: 8am-5pm

6. Below are my IC figure. and contact figure.

7. I hope that your party will be able to O.K. my Hospital Attachment petition at your infirmary. 8. Last but non least. I would wish to stop with the greatest pleasance and hope you would answer every bit shortly as possible.