How Global Population Growth Is Creating Serious Environmental Problems Essay Sample

Harmonizing to Population Connection. population growing since the 1950’s is behind the diminishing of 80 per centum of rain forests. It besides accounts for the loss of 1000s of works and wildlife species. and an addition in in green house gas emanations. It besides widely believed that population will account for H2O scaring every bit good. .

IN less developed states the deficiency of birth control. every bit good as cultural traditions that encourage adult females to remain at place and have babes leads ti rapid population growing. This consequences happens in states such as Africa. the Middle East. Southeast Asia and others elsewhere who suffer from undernourishment.

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While most developed states have started to keep a flat population growing this is making a drain upon our recosues. Americans. who represent merely 4 % of universe population consume about 25 per centum of all resources. Industrialized states besides contribute far more to climate alteration. ozone depletion and overfishing than developed states.

Given the convergence of population growing and environmental issues. many would wish to see an alteration in U. s. Policy on planetary household planning. Back in 2001 President Bush instituted what some people called the”global joke Rule” stated that foreign organisations that provide or endorse abortions are denied U. S. Funding support. Many conservationists considered the stance to be a short position of the job because support for household planning they consider to be the most effectual manner to look into population growing and relive force per unit area on the environment.