Importance Of Moral Values Essay Sample

Harmonizing to Father of Indian Nation M. K. Gandhi
“If wealth is lost nil is lost”
“If wellness is lost something is lost”
“If character is lost everything is lost”
Best of all things is character.

Every one knows that life is cherished – that life is of import. We all protect our life because we care for it more than anything else. If life is so of import. the values of life are even more of import. Valuess are steering rules. or criterions of behavior which are regarded desirable. of import and held in high regard by a peculiar society in which a individual lives.

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“The Importance of Values and Ethical motives are the codification we live by in a civil and merely society. They are what we use to steer our interactions with others. with our friends and household. in our concerns and professional behavior. Our values and ethical motives are a contemplation of our spiritualty ; our character. They are what we hope to pattern for our kids and the kids around us. because kids do watch us as they develop their ain sense of right and incorrect.

Value instruction means instilling in the kids sense humanitarianism. a deep concern for the well being of others and the state. This can be accomplished merely when we instill in the kids a deep feeling of committedness to values that would construct this state and convey back to the people pride in work that brings order. security and assured advancement.

Remember the “CHINESE PROVERB” .
“If there is righteousness in the bosom. there will be beauty in character. if there is beauty in character. there will be harmony in the place. when there is harmoniousness in the place. there will be order in the state. when there is order in the state there will be peace in the world” . A individual with proper values will non be afraid to confront jobs. He or she will anticipate and accept them as portion of life. He or she will non give un necessary importance to anything that happens in life. He or she will hold complete religion in God.
Such a individual will be an illustration to the remainder.

Last but non least We must love our ain values in life. to construct a strong character. It will assist us to take our life as it should be lead. It is really necessary for the fulfilment of life’s intent.