Indo-Pak Relations Essay Sample

Satish Chandra a former diplomat & A ; veteran __________ mentioned one interesting incidence happened with Mr. B. K. Nehru ( ICS officer ) in 1948. when the latter was in the Pakistan for fiscal dialogues. During his stay at Pakistan. Mr. Nehru came across really utmost anti-Indian article in Daily “The Dawn” . He took this issue with his Pakistani opposite number during the treatments & A ; the reply he received was. “We are freshly found state & A ; need an enemy” . Then Mr. Nehru asked. “For how long do you necessitate one? ” Pakistan minister plenipotentiary replied. “For five old ages! ” Those five old ages ne’er ended. This is apparent that the Pakistan’s really being is in the “hate India” policy. In the past 60 old ages. this stance has non changed instead it becomes premier authorities docket for all the consecutive authoritiess. Pakistan has been governed by people elected every bit good as military in the yesteryear.

But. except the little period of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto all the people elected authoritiess are non genuinely democratic in the sense that really controlled by military & A ; ISI. After losing two wars Pakistani ground forces is in no temper to soften their base on India. Under first military regulation of Gen. Zia –Ul- Haq. panic war got started It became inevitable for India to invent its scheme to counter activities of ill-famed neighbour. But. the fact of the affair is that India’s policy towards Pakistan is ever self-contradictory in nature. There are two schools of ideas beliing each other. One pool of bookmans is in the favour of soft & A ; patient moves by authorities towards Pakistan. Others think we need to respond a spot sharply instead than “wait & A ; watch” . All the Indian authoritiess including present one. hold taken patient & A ; mild diplomatic base to undertake the issues.

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