Innovation Analysis Nippon Paint Co. Case of Odorless Paint Product Essay Sample

1. Purpose:
In recent old ages. Invention becomes one of the most of import parts in the being and development of every company. There are many research was set up to analyse the manner to do an invention. non merely for the research’s intent but besides to assist the directors of little companies can follow the bigger. This assignment was done to analyse a new merchandise of one of the biggest pigment makers in the universe to understand deeply the invention scheme of this company. Nippon Paint Co. 2. Nippon Paint Co:

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Nippon Paint Co. is one of the largest pigment makers in Asia and over the universe. In Vietnam. the company occupied instead big market portion. with a well-known trade name along with sensible monetary value. high quality merchandises from pigment to coatings of surface so Nippon’s merchandises are trusted and preferred by Vietnamese consumers. Nippon Paint was founded in 1881 in Japan. Nippon Paint is a taking pigment fabrication company in the World. has presence in over 13 states. Nippon Paint was established in Vietnam in 1994 with 100 % foreign investing capital. located in Bien Hoa II Industrial Zone. Dong Nai. Since so. Nippon Paint has ever released the best quality merchandises are manufactured on advanced Nipponese engineering for the automotive industry. architecture. decoration… Based on the nucleus values ??of honestness. abundant human resources and uninterrupted betterment in engineering. Nippon Paint has contributed to bettering work and place at the same clip go on to fancify many countries in Asia in general and Vietnam in peculiar. 2. Background:

At present or even in future. tendency of environmental friendly merchandises will go popularly. from the electronics industry. auto industry to Fast Moving Consumer Goods. When green goods or procedure any merchandises. makers have to pay attending to factors of consumer’s wellness and environment. In the field of pigment and coating engineerings. the universe has witnessed a new discovery for the environment of Nippon Paint. when the company launched a low olfactory property pigment lines with merely volatile organic compounds ( VOC ) near as equal to 0 and does non incorporate toxic substances ( normally in the pigment: APEO. formol. etc ) . They understand exhaustively standards for quality of merchandise and consumers’ wellness every bit good as protecting the environment. so Nippon Paint Vietnam brought a odorless pigment merchandises. superior to old pigment merchandises to present to everyone. that is Odour-less All-In-1 pigment line. Nippon Odour-less pigment line. superior cleansing is a new accomplishment in the field of environmental friendly pigment with low VOC. high rinsing opposition of up to 20. 000 rhythms ( by Singapore criterions ) . I. Literature reappraisal

We embrace all the elements of a concern scheme in a simple manner but it is still comparatively full through two factors. There are 4Ps theoretical account and Strategic Innovation. 1. 4Ps theoretical account
The ‘4Ps’ theoretical account provide a powerful tool for such analysis. It builds on the hypothesis that successful invention is basically approximately positive alteration. and puts frontward four wide classs where such alteration can take topographic point: ‘Product innovation’ – alterations in the things ( products/services ) which an organisation offers • ‘Process innovation’ – alterations in the ways in which merchandises and services are created or delivered • ‘Position innovation’ – alterations in the context in which the products/services are framed and communicated • ‘Paradigm innovation’ – alterations in the implicit in mental theoretical accounts which shape what the organisation does 2. Strategic Invention

• Need to see what. why and when i. e. where and how invention can be used to strategic advantage. • No deficit of ways to derive competitory advantage through invention – which 1s to take and why? • A inquiry for big and little organisations and the populace sector ( e. g. constabulary force. hospital direction ) • Think approximately scheme as a procedure of researching the infinite defined by the 4Ps ( four invention types ) II. 4Ps:

Nippon pigment Odour-less all-in-one is a new advanced merchandise that can be analysed by using 4 Ps Framwork as stated by Tidd and Bessant ( 2009 ) . 1. Business Paradigm:
Deducing from concern doctrine including “ Innovation. service and leadership” every bit good as wide strategic vision. Nippon dressed ore on harmonious combination of people. nature and society in order to make advanced eco-friendly merchandises that meet client demands. protect the wellness of clients every bit good as their life environment. With the deep apprehension of client demand. market tendencies. environmental issues and sustainable development. Nippon searched in the following measure of betterment to convey more value and benefits to consumers by supplying solutions. non merely simply merchandises.

Nippon Paint ab initio converted from the simple field merchandise lines to the sophisticated green solution that informs the deep sense for the community. In fact. odour-less All-in-one pigment is an optimal advanced solution for client picks. This green merchandise is non merely utilizing for ornament and protection but besides for odour-less air attention. eco-friendly and anti-bacterial characteristics ( greenbusinesstimes. com. 2011 ) . Consequently. when the Nippon’s consumers think about this pigment. they can conceive of a new utile attack for their green edifices which help them better their living criterion with the clean fresh air and the wellness protection. That is besides the Nippon Paint’s committedness to constant ecological sustainability and technological invention in its production and functioning consumers and society ( English. thesaigontimes. vn. 2011 ) . 2. Merchandise Invention:

Obviously. it is easy to acknowledge that a batch of pigment merchandises merely focus on the cosmetic and protective map. with less attending to the different environment in many states and consumer’s wellness. So. these merchandises have similar general feature. less distinguishing traits. Meanwhile. Nippon pigment Odour –less all-in-one is the merchandise line which contains outstanding advanced characteristics such as about no smell. near zero VOC ( Volatile Organic Content that can be harmful for wellness and environment ) . anti-bacterial. anti-fungus. non toxic. no lead and quicksilver. absorbing methanal ( a harmful indoor air pollutant ) and change overing it to H2O vapor. easy to clean but still keeping indispensable characteristics in footings of ornament and lastingness.

That is more equal and suited for Southeast Asiatic states. particularly in Viet Nam. where the clime is humid and the environment are going more contaminated. These features help this merchandise distinguishes deeply from others which were launched before by Nippon. Indeed. this truly brings a new consciousness and advanced experience to consumers about societal duty for protecting wellness and environment. Nippon pigment Odour –less all-in-one satisfied clients due to its practical benefits. Hence. Nippon Paint won the Frost & A ; Sullivan award for merchandise invention in the cosmetic coatings class with the Odour-less air attention merchandise line. an eco-friendly pigment in 2011. ( nipponpaint. com. hk. 2011 ) . 3. Market Position:

In Viet Nam. Nippon Odour-less All-in-one pigment was launched in 2010. The mark market of this merchandise is the eco-sensitive commercial and residential countries such as infirmaries. schools. hotels. places. residential edifices. In order to increase consciousness of the green solution and to perforate the big market efficaciously. Nippon carried out the aggressive selling scheme in concurrence with the consumer’s instruction. Nippon Paint understands that Vietnamese like the general advanced tendency of the universe on “green consumption” . Nippon has realized that the chance to be accepted and to spread out the market portion would be really high if the promotional activities for the green merchandise are accomplished good. Therefore. Nippon has been implementing many advertisement plans and publicities in the most understanding ways on all sort of media to heighten consumer’s perceptual experience. The narrative Nippon Paint would wish to state clients is that “Do better the lives. protect environment and the universe we live in by utilizing the Nippon green pigment product” .

Ad on telecasting has been playing the critical function in developing Nippon merchandise trade names. After researching carefully the demands and the gustatory sensations of the clients. Nippon designed the most suited green messages conveyed easy and closely to consumers therefore the green merchandise bit by bit has took the trust from the clients. Furthermore. Nippon Paint had the great thought that helps to shorten the spread between consciousness and action of consumers and makes them entree easy the green merchandise. Nippon held successful carnivals in many states in the universe such as Japan. India. China. etc to present the green merchandises to protect the environment and salvage energy. In Vietnam. Nippon has been transporting out the same events to educate consumer’s consciousness and to appeal consumer’s action.

As a consequence. despite somewhat high monetary value compared to other pigment merchandises. Vietnamese consumers progressively favourite and choose Nippon Odour-less All-in-one pigment thanks to its quality and value. To be more specific. with the inclination toward community and society every bit good as the message of the green solution. Nippon Paint often has taken action in community activities. For illustration. Nippon patrons many faith edifices and schools for hearing impaired kids. These activities have the deep positive influence on community and society where Nippon wants the green merchandise to be targeted. ( greenbusinesstimes. com. 2011 ) 4. Procedure Invention:

Nippon pigment invariably invests and makes more attempt in R & A ; D to make advanced pigments. The Innovative Technology Library of Nippon Paint focuses on researching to bring forth eco-friendfly pigments that have good impacts to the environment and consumers’ wellness. The Innovative Technology Library with three chief researching countries contains: high-function engineering. procedure design engineering and environment-friendly chemical science. In term of production procedure. Nippon Paint applies “green technology” . reduces waste in fabrication every bit good as complies with basic standards such as ISO 9000. ISO 14000. and OHSAS 18000. The advanced engineering helps to take out the volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) and removes the odor during utilizing and drying.

Furthermore. the active C engineering and particular preparation with solvent-free rosins make the pigment resist bacterial. absorb indoor air pollutants and converts it to H2O vapor. ( nipponpaint. com. seaborgium. 2011 ) Therefore. Nippon Paint managed the invention scheme successfully with the alteration concentrated on four dimensions of 4Ps attack including Paradigm. Product. Position. Process. particularly in distinguishing merchandise innovation- Odour-less all-in-one pigment. By this manner. Nippon Paint took the chance to work and spread out the big market that challenges its rivals In order to rule the market. Nippon Paint has to go on to research. invests in production engineering and innovates the disposal procedure every bit good as implements the originative selling. III. Innovation scheme

This portion is concentrating on survey Product Innovation procedure of Nippon merchandise trade name – Odour-less deluxe All in 1- utilizing the simplified theoretical account of the invention procedure which has four phases: hunt. select. implement and gaining control. 1. Search:

Nippon’s cardinal rules are “Innovation. Service and Leadership” and consciousness of duty to the environment and community premiss for the sustainable growing of the company. The SWOT analysis will indicate out how the house comes up with the thought for odourless merchandise. • Strengths: Nippon is one of the largest pigment industries in the universe and operating in 11 states across Asia. It has broad scope of merchandises line and focal points on quality and invention. It aims to be the leader in painting industry so Nippon puts the strong investing on R & A ; D. This point is the primary for invention development. • Failing: Nippon has a broad scope of merchandises so the cost for R & A ; D would be really high. Asiatic market has low consciousness on the environment factors and sensitive on pricing. particularly in Vietnam market. which may impact the gross and necessitate a strong investing in marketing to raise the consciousness of client. • Opportunities:

Nippon has a long experience in R & A ; D so it has the chance to introduce and develop new scope of merchandise. Besides. there are more concerns to the planetary heating and consciousness on protect environment. Therefore. the tendencies of taking the eco-friendly merchandises are more and more popular. Nippon pictures trade name name is popular in Asiatic market as their scheme is focus on Asia. The market demand is high and mean one-year growing for the pigment and coatings markets has estimated at 8. 8 per centum per twelvemonth. • Threats: Economic has down since 2008. the cost in natural stuff is higher along the sensitive on pricing of Asiatic consumer. Furthermore. there are many strong competition companies besides have strong investing on the same merchandise line focal point on Asiatic market.

The cardinal factor is International Environmental Regulations are tighter that require planetary companies like Nippon needs to react on this choler. Through the SWOT analysis above – there are many factors need to highline in this phase of Search are: Japan with the advantage on R & A ; D – green chemical science. nanotechnology and smart coatings – it has a cognition push to bring forth a new invention merchandise to vie with other rivals and besides respond to the international environment ordinances in the close hereafter. By the clip. the demand on friendly environment – healthy merchandises are become more popular over the universe. Specially. Asiatic authoritiess recognize that they need to protect the environment more and more. In add-on. the immature Asiatic market demands are really big that raise the demand pull a new merchandise invention for Nippon Painting concern. 2. Select:

Nippon ever focuses on R & A ; D. it has many research to better – upgrade its merchandise and the tendency of consciousness about the planetary heating and healthier life manner are the two keys point that lead Nippon to travel for this choice measure. The house has selected to develop new merchandise line which protects customers’ wellness every bit good as friendly to environment. This scheme helps Nippon becomes the leader of the new invention eco-painting industry while adapt International Environmental ordinances which are more tighten and customers’ require in the close hereafter. 3. Implement:

Harmonizing to Mr. Wee Siew Kim. the Group CEO of NIPSEA Group of Companies. Nippon ever consideration their duty on the environmental. societal. and economic characteristics continual committedness to research. invention. and understanding what clients need. With the choice of develop a new green merchandise Nippon need to look into the demand of client about painting product- the first factor that’s raging client is the painting olfactory property. In add-on. the cut downing VOCs is one of the possible engineering that Nippon can make which assist to cut down odor. anti-bacterial converts it to H2O vapor with active C engineering. ensuing in clean fresh air. The undermentioned Development Funnel Model helps to happen out more how Nippon could turn their green-product thought into world. First. Nippon collected all information from their technological cognition and market cognition resources which are related to its green merchandise thought. In the market. they look into customers’ demand and happen that clients are acquiring trouble with painting odor. specially allergy people and kids. Peoples require a higher degree merchandise good for wellness and populating criterion.

On the other manus. Nippon surfacing pigment has already have a really successful merchandise line in term of lasting and color-technology. they based on these progress characteristics and understood customers’ need combined with the construct of green merchandise that lead the house assemblage into R & A ; D to make a new engineering taking out the VOCs – merchandise which really low VOCs is about odorless. This creativeness is a major premiss for Nippon new green coat painting merchandise lines which are eco-friendly and anti-bacterial pigment that continually absorbs methanals ( a harmful indoor air pollutant ) and converts it to H2O vapor with active C engineering. ensuing in clean fresh air. Second. the house is on the right path of its vision to construct the eco-friendly merchandise. It built a clear green scheme construct organize the new merchandise line to the manner of industry and educated staff on the environment consciousness. Nippon’s workss are certified ISO 9000. ISO 14000. and OHSAS 18000.

This is the cardinal put to deathing point that makes certainly the house is on a clear construct that lead Nippon pigment invention forms the thought to the physical merchandise lines. In the launch phase. Nippon found out that there is a spread between consciousness on environment and purchasing a green merchandise. Nippon has built a selling scheme to education consumer for their odourless painting All in One. They put a batch attempt to raise consciousness for consumer by patron plans. for illustration: Sponsor for many faith edifices and schools for hearing impaired kids in Vietnam market. And affecting their staff in societal responsible by charities activities in re-build or repaint schools in hapless villagers and repaint for luckless kids houses in Singapore. Vietnam. China. etc. Beside the instruction client on utilizing eco-friendly merchandise. Nippon besides accent on the strong characteristic by name its first green merchandise with its progress utile: Odour-less AirCare. Nippon focuses on marketing merchandise with no odor and clean fresh air that easy to acquire client interesting instead than accent on low VOCs invention. 4. Capture:

By establishing the Odorless merchandise. Nippon has the 2011 Frost & A ; Sullivan Asia Pacific Green Excellence Awards. Nippon had been successful to construct its trade name name to a higher degree as the leader of invention merchandise for better environment and attention for consumers’ healthy.

Although customers’ cognizant to the environment issue but they are non ever willing to purchase green merchandise. As the leader in new eco-product. Nippon needs to run instruction schemes continuously to assist clients recognize the benefit from utilizing eco-product to protect their wellness every bit good as the environment. Asiatic market. typical Vietnam selling would turn a figure of in-between category consumers. they would be able to pay a somewhat excess fee for healthy eco-product.

Aware of above factors. Nippon now is really aggressive in the instruction run to make this section because it believes that eco-product market is turning up and go oning to develop merchandises which focus on wellness and green to keep their sustainability as a leader of eco-painting merchandise ( http: //www. frost-apac. com. 2012 ) . IV. Decision:

The decision chapter is the last chapter which is straight related to the intent of this research. 4Ps was combined with invention scheme to analyse the invention of Odour-less All-in-one of Nippon Painting Co. The chief intent of this research is to happen out the manner to do an invention of a company.

First of all. in the 4Ps. it is easy to see that Nippon was utilizing Paradigm. Product. Position and Process in an precisely manner to make a merchandise which has many utile map and so friendly with the environment. Therefore. it is appropriate with Asia’s environment and particular Vietnam.

Second and besides is the last 1. from utilizing invention scheme with four stairss: hunt. select. implement and gaining control. Nippon really can catch the behaviour of client and develop a merchandise line which can fulfill the demands of its consumers. Furthermore. it was the leader of this sort of pigment in 2010 when the market in Vietnam did non hold any company which had the merchandise with the same maps. In other words. because of the faster invention. Nippon owned the sole merchandise in 2010 in Vietnam and it is still maintaining the right and strong invention.

To sum up. Nippon is making the right path in the invention scheme. non merely now but besides in the hereafter. It has a strong invention squad which has the chief undertaking is happening the invention which can follow the demand and behaviour of consumers. The strong invention of Nippon besides helps it has the uptrend of stock chart in 2012 and it is a good mark. In add-on. Odour-less all-in-one is a success of Nippon and brings a immense net income to Nippon from 2010 boulder clay now in Vietnam.

Finally. it is merely two methods was applied to this research because of the restrictions in measure. It makes the quality of this research become less precisely. Of class. the methods that are applied in this thesis ever contain their restrictions. However. those restrictions can non be rejected wholly. the authors merely can cut down those disadvantages every bit much as possible. If people want to make the farther research. they could utilize more methods to hold a better consequence.


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