Is Man the Lowest Animal? Essay Sample

In Mark Twain’s. The Lowest Animal. he uses satire really efficaciously to acquire his point across. He uses exaggerations to demo how adult male can be barbarous and uneconomical in his life-time. Couple uses simplism to state us how humanity is violent and finds merriment in watching thing suffer. He so uses apposition to compare the English Earl to an Eunectes murinus and found that the Eunectes murinus merely kills what it can eat and doesn’t waste anything. Another illustration of hyperbole is. “man is incurably foolish. ” Twain’s usage of exaggerations and apposition gets his message across really efficaciously. He makes us experience bad because of the comparing between worlds and animate beings and wants us to socially alter. “…some huntsmans on our Great Plains organized a American bison Hunt for the amusement of an English earl–that and to supply some fresh meat for his larder…” Through this over simplification of adult male. Twain successfully explains to the reader man’s love for force. adult male finds amusement in force while animate beings are merely violent because it is how they survive. If adult male finds amusement through force or even decease. and animate beings commit force for endurance. so adult male is of course inferior to animate beings based on man’s evil mentality.

“The fact stood proven that the difference between an earl and an Eunectes murinus is that the earl is barbarous and the Eunectes murinus isn’t. He watched the Eunectes murinus merely kill one calf because that is all it could eat. compared to the earl who enjoyed watching all the American bison dice and he merely ate one. ” This is an illustration of a apposition because Twain is comparing an Eunectes murinus with a adult male. I agree with Twain’s point of adult male blowing nutrient and life while the Eunectes murinus chows and takes in what it could. but I do non believe it accounts for all of adult male. There are some less fortunate people in our universe and are grateful for everything you give them and they use or eat it whenever necessary. Yes. for the most portion. most of adult male waste what life provides them but on the other manus non all of the people and the universe are the same.

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“In truth. adult male is incurably foolish. ” the manner adult male is brought up into this universe depends whether or non he/she is foolish. I disagree with Twain’s statement but validate it for some of adult male who are non grateful for what life has given them. Not all of adult male is foolish due to fact many of them seek to populate as a positive for others. Man is curably foolish because he/she can take unto their ain consideration of what is right and what is incorrect. In decision. I agree with Twain’s statement’s refering adult male. I agree with his statements because he identifies the negative facets of adult male which does non use to everyone but can do a societal alteration. Twain’s intent was to alter people and the manner they act and supplying this amusing sarcasm. and supplying the negatives of adult male. people now understand what aspects they can alter.