Juvenile Violence Essay Sample

In 1996 more offenses affecting juveniles ages ten to seventeen had occurred so twenty old ages prior to that. The addition in offense was about 67 per centum ( Barbour. 1999 ) . These offenses include school shots. robbery. and other assorted violent Acts of the Apostless. The force has yet to discontinue. There continues to be an addition in these aggressive behaviours. Thesis What caused such a big addition in juvenile force? Music wordss. household construction. and violent picture games are cardinal factors in the addition of juvenile force. The young person play a critical function in society. If the causes are non identified and explored. juvenile force will go on to increase quickly. Society will so endure and get down a downward spiral towards devastation. Music Lyrics

Harmonizing to Bryan Grapes. the message delivered by many of today’s popular blame groups. like Bone Thugs ~N~ Harmony and artist such as TuPac Shakur. is that force is and acceptable manner of life ( 2000 ) . If these are the messages being portrayed in today’s blame wordss. so music is a cardinal factor in juvenile force. Mitchell Johnson. a pupil of Westside Middle School in Jonesboro. Arkansas. is one of two young persons convicted of killing four pupils. one instructor. and injuring 10 others on March 24. 1998 ( Grapes. 2000 ) . His instructor. Debbie Pelley was present during the violent happening. She states “Mitchell was ever respectful by utilizing yes ma’am and no ma’am in he responses to me. I ne’er saw him exhibit choler. ne’er saw him perpetrate any hostile act toward any other pupil or exhibit any behaviour that would do me believe Mitchell could perpetrate this act” ( Grapes. 2000 ) . After the tragic act. Ms. Pelley and professional counsellor James N. Woods asked around campus and looked for possible grounds why Mitchell would hold committed this act of force.

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They concluded that Mitchell had been listening to gangster blame and had shown a alteration two months prior to the shot. Rap wordss tend to romanticize force by linking force to street credibleness and position. Rap music has grown in popularity and at the same clip juvenile force has increased. taking to the decision that music wordss cause adolescent force. Family Structure

Family construction is of import in the development of striplings. What is labeled right and incorrect is taught by the first societal group that a kid brushs. Family happens to be the first societal group a kid comes in contact with. Family has an consequence on many of the behavioural traits that a kid will larn throughout their life. When improper traits are taught. the kid will come believe that these Acts of the Apostless are acceptable in society. “Fatherless male childs are more disposed to fall in packs and commit violent crimes” ( Barbour. 1999 ) . Work force who grow up without male parents presently represent 70 per centum of the prison population functioning long-run sentences ( Grapes. 2000 ) . Experts believe that individual parent places tend to miss economic and emotional stableness that are merely found by interacting with two parents ( Barbour. 1999 ) . Learning what both parents have to learn is indispensable in the development of a kid. Video Games

Video games have ever played a portion in children’s lives. Since the head of a kid absorbs so much. what they see and encounter in picture games might do them to believe that what they are making is non harmful or of any effect ( Grapes. 2000 ) . A subscriber. Rick Dyer. provinces that “These are non merely video games any longer. these are larning machines. We’re learning childs in the most unbelievable mode what it’s like to draw the trigger. The combination of heart-pounding music. life like scenarios. and the life like characters that a picture game produces can play a major function in a child’s ability to do the right decision” ( Grapes. 2000 ) . Video games play a more productive function in a child’s life instead than a bloodstained film scene because the film will merely demo the force. The picture game will give the kid a “real-life feeling” because they pressed the button that pulled the trigger. Over 1. 000 studies and surveies on picture game force have concluded that picture games play a function in juvenile force ( Barbour. 1999 ) . There are educational picture games to learn kids topics such as math and reading. Since the kids do larn math and reading in a sense. picture games are so learning tools for kids and young person. force can be learned merely as easy. Decision

Juvenile force should be taken earnestly. Youth should non be perpetrating such violent Acts of the Apostless. What happened to the artlessness? If the grounds for juvenile force are identified. juvenile force will deteriorate. By forestalling juvenile force a lessening in big force should happen.


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