Karl Marx Sociology Essay Sample

While each of the sociological theoreticians make good points as to how society works and why. I was most drawn to Karl Marx and his theories on how Capitalism plays a big function in how society operates. Marx believed that he could analyze assorted struggles that society have and over clip be able to see the result of those struggles based on how similar struggles had been handled in the yesteryear. Marx believed that society needed a alteration and while followings of Marx had said that a Communist rebellion was inevitable Marx responded by stating that “philosophers have merely interpreted the universe. in assorted ways ; the point nevertheless is to alter it. ” ( Sociology Guide. 2011 ) Marx felt that struggle between the categories is an of import factor in society. Marx thought that the categories were divided into the “haves” and the “have-nots” . This is still relevant today and can be seen all over the topographic point with the struggle in the United States between the upper category ( rich persons ) and middle to take down category ( have-nots ) . Society in this state has been divided more and more over the last several old ages with the autumn of the economic system.

The spread between the categories continues to widen as the struggles between the members of society become more prevailing and get down to take centre phase. An illustration of this is the Occupy protests. Members of the center and lower categories feel that the upper category is taking money from their pockets and seting it in their ain and that they are non doing determinations that benefits anyone except for themselves. The division goes farther than merely between the categories in many instances. Political point of views have besides played a big function in the separation between members of society. A batch of that separation revolves around the categories as good and political positions can frequently be traced to a individuals upbringing. standing in society. how much money they make and besides what they religion is. This is non ever the instance but tendencies do be. Many factors play into societal struggle but one of the most major participants is money and that is what separates the categories the most. Marx’s positions on capitalist economy and how the category system works applies today and can be seen without much looking. It is one of the sociological point of views that I felt was in the head when looking at society today.

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