Kill a Tree or Save Life Essay Sample

Most people would state that human life is a cherished thing. and that taking it off from person by force is non righteous. Most would besides state that non-human life is less valuable. and most if they are pushed to see it would state that the value of a life is based on the intelligence of that animal. These facts are evidently the truth. about worlds being more valuable the non-human. Human life is non a tree that can be replanted or turn once more. Once a human life is gone it is gone everlastingly in other manus. if a tree is cut down it can be replanted. Merely thing about replanting a tree is that it takes longer to turn to its full length. There is no manner we should compare human life to a mere tree. No affair how much sense you try to do out of the value of a tree’s life. human life is much more valuable than a tree because worlds have household to look after. take attention of the environment. and most of all human life is cherished with feelings. Family is valuable thing to hold because we are of import and need each other. a group of loyal protagonists. What we think and how we feel affairs to our household. because cipher cares more about us than the members of our households. At least. that’s how it should be. Treating our parents. kids. Spouses or siblings with attention the more we will bond as a household.

Our households besides hold the keys to understanding and appreciating ourselves. Cipher can associate better to us so our ain brothers and sisters that shared so many experiences with us. Cipher can love us more altruistically so our ain female parent and male parent who sacrificed daily for so many old ages to raise us. The better we get to understand our parents and siblings the better we understand ourselves every bit good. When we can number on each other and thin on each for everything. that’s how household will work out all right. If we walk off on household when everything is traveling good for us and run back when things are traveling incorrect. so that will interrupt apart the household. Family is meant for us human to bask with and care for with them and for all life facets. Worlds stick with the household through tough times and good times. till decease do we portion. Family members need one another. When we support our households we find ourselves supported. which make us human valuable. The significance of environment is everything that surrounds us all. such as land. H2O. works and carnal life. Therefore. the environment has a enormous consequence on human life and the wellbeing of societal communities.

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It is understood that environment affects each and every one of us all. We all need a clean environment to populate healthy lives. Sufficient healthy nutrient. safe life countries. and clean air and H2O are most of import things worlds need out of environment to populate a well life. When the environment becomes corrupted. it affects us all in the long tally. but less fortunate people are the first to endure. We all strive for an improved quality of life now and in the hereafter. We all want our kids to hold better chances and to populate healthy and happy lives. As it may see. maintaining the environment clean is besides for future coevalss and regard for all life animals. All this point is made to demo why worlds should predominate against the trees. What is intending of environment without worlds to populate in it and take attention of it? It is human duty to do certain the environment get good taking attention of. If the human life was to taking and the tree was to last. who will take attention of the tree and the environment. The tree can non take attention of itself.

All human life is a gift from God as it is written in the bible. Human life is besides particular. marvelous cherished. and should be cherished. The value of a human life can non and should non be measured to non-human life. No human life should be put in the class of a castoff. Stop to see one of the people you referred to as non adding any value to society may merely salvage your life or the life of person you love and care about one twenty-four hours. It is non for anyone to judge person else’s deserving. unless we are willing to be judged by that same criterion. Everything happens in its ain clip in conformity with God’s program non work forces. Life is cherished. and with every round of our Black Marias. each of us leaves an unforgettable feeling on the universe and the lives around us. Taking someone’s life does non merely intend that you are doing physical hurting to that human. but you besides bring downing emotional hurting on that human’s loved 1s.

Unlike worlds. trees and the environments do non hold emotional or physical hurting. If they did. 1 might see seting them in the same class as the human. But anyhow. as you mourn the loss of your brother. and observe the birth of your girl. and reflect on the impact of both. know that you are strong and that you are surrounded by many who appreciate you and the feeling you leave. In decision human life should non be compared to non-human life. Each and every human life is every bit of import as another human life. Sing that worlds will be go forthing behind fantastic households that God had blessed them with if the tree were to predominate. Yes. is understood that God created both the environments and human. but he created human last to look after the environment. non the environment to watch after itself. If there was of all time a determination to do between a non-human life and human life. human should predominate.