Leadership & Org Behavior Essay Sample

The organisation in which the job I will be showing is the United States Marine Corps and my function in it is a Corporal. The location would be Camp Lejeune. NC which is where my unit was stationed. The concern line would be the military. The unit is 2nd Marine Division. 6th Marine Regiment. Headquarters Company. S-4. and Supply Section. The unit’s size is 400 Marines of which 11 Marines are assigned to the supply subdivision. A Marine is service member within the United States Marine Corps which is a subdivision of the Navy and is under the Department of Defense. To go a Marine. a individual goes to boot cantonment for three months. after that they go to Marine Combat preparation for three hebdomads. after that non-infantry Marines attend their several schools based upon their occupation field. Once a Marine is done with school they are assigned a responsibility station. at the point the Marine arrives at their first responsibility station are normally at the rank of Private First Class. The manner the enlisted rank construction in the Marine Corps works is as follows.

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The ranks of Private. Private First Class and Lance Corporal are considered junior Marines. The ranks of Corporal and Sergeant are considered Non-Commissioned Military officers or NCO’s. The ranks of Staff Sergeant. Gunnery Sergeant. Master Sergeant. Master Gunnery Sergeant. and Sergeant Major. are considered Staff NCO’s. An NCO is required is responsible for developing junior Marines. training them. and their general public assistance. Even though an NCO might merely outrank the Marine under them by one or two ranks they have a major consequence on their lives. A junior Marine takes their orders straight from the Marine to the closest rank senior to them. it is called the concatenation of bid. Marines aren’t allowed to jump the concatenation of bid and could really acquire in problem for it.

Because of the control that an NCO has over their junior Marine. it is really of import that the NCO is capable of taking those Marines in the manner that the Marine Corps expects them to. The function of an NCO might sound like something that takes old ages to make but the world about it is that many NCO’s are merely adolescents. Even though they have an tremendous sum of duty put on their shoulders. many NCO’s aren’t afforded the chance to go to NCO class which is the basic leading accomplishments that are needed for them to make their occupation are taught. The length of clip that a Marine spends as a junior Marine is shorter than of all time. presents it is possible for a Marine to go an NCO in less than a twelvemonth. Problem Statement

The job that I see today is that Marines are being promoted younger than of all time earlier. this means that they are presuming leading functions every bit immature as their teenage old ages. Can a Marine with small experience as a follower be prepared to be a leader? The promoting system that the Marine Corps has in topographic point doesn’t promote Marines every bit ; alternatively they are promoted based on the mark ( cutting mark ) that is set for their occupation place. For illustration. if more Corporals are needed in one occupation place the mark is lowered so that more Spear Corporals can be promoted to Corporals. This means that the freshly promoted Corporals weren’t needfully the most qualified or even ready for that affair to be Corporals. This method of advancing besides creates struggles with the Marines that were passed over for publicity as most of them see it as unfair. Ever since boot cantonment it is instilled into a Marine’s caput that rank is earned and non given. this method makes it look that the rank is being ‘given’ to Marines based on a demand for a certain rank. It wasn’t improbable for freshly promoted Marines to miss basic Marine NCO accomplishments such as cognizing how to process Marines. executing room and unvarying reviews. or merely keeping a preparation session. Normally a senior Marine would hold to step in and assist the immature NCO in executing some of these undertakings.

We would ever hear from older Marines that nowadays the Marine Corps doesn’t invest in developing immature Marines every bit much as they did. and that ‘back in the day’ Corporals would make the occupation that Sergeants do today and Lance Corporals would make the occupations Corporals do today. The mean age of a Marines recruit is 19 old ages old ; most of the Marines that I was in charge of were still adolescents. They were fresh out of high school. have lived with their parents their whole life. and most of them ne’er had a occupation. I embraced my clip as a junior Marine. as I saw it as a clip to larn from the experient NCO’s appointed over me. Even after I picked up the rank of Corporal. I would still come to my former NCO’s for advice on things since they will ever hold more experience that I do. I was fortunate to hold NCO’s that took their function earnestly and strived to develop the Marines under them to the best of their attempt. I was a junior Marine for a comparatively short sum of clip. I was promoted to Corporal at 19 old ages old and at the clip I felt that I was nowhere nigh ready to presume the function of an NCO. I can candidly state I don’t think any of the junior Marines under my charge that were promoted felt the same manner as I did. I didn’t feel that they understood the gravitation of the duties that they were being given.

In my clip as a junior Marine I learned many things from my NCO’s. but one of the things that made the most feeling on me was when I was venting to an NCO about a Staff NCO that was rigorous with us but was a messed up Marine himself ( ) . My NCO passed along something to me that he learned while he was a junior Marine. which was that you should merely worry about what you do and the Marines under you. If a Marine above you isn’t squared away it isn’t your place to rectify him and that there is no point of acquiring upset about something you had no control over. This saved me a batch of kicking throughout the old ages because there were a batch of senior Marines that wouldn’t pattern that they preached. In my clip in the Marine Corps I tried to go through along every bit much as I learned onto the Marines that were under my charge.

I didn’t take it lightly that these Marines were my duty and I gave my best attempt into seeking to do certain that they were every bit prepared as I could assist them to be. I ever thought what a shame it would be if a Marine was unprepared for something because of a deficiency of developing that they received from me. I don’t think I would be able to populate with myself If I knew that a Marine died because of something that I failed to develop them for. I hoped that every Marine felt the same manner as I did approximately developing new Marines and being the best leader they could be. but unhappily many Marines did non take their leading function earnestly at all. The one thing I am proud of is that I am certain that I made a permanent influence on the Marines that were under my charge and I hope that they will besides do a positive influence on the Marines under their charge. Literature Review

The article “Proficiency Without Professionalism Equals Mediocrity” negotiations about how Marines presents are being disrespectful and are seting excessively much stress on combat proficiency and non plenty on professional development. The article chiefly talks about that “The Marine Corps should review its roots of professionalism. good order. and discipline via professional development and reshape its professional proverb. which after old ages of war has been dulled and its focal point shifted from professional development in favour of combat proficiency. ” ( Baker. N. D. ) Many foot Marines are started get think that because they are combat proficient that it can replace professionalism. The writer goes on to speak about the importance of Marines traveling to NCO schools. and that a Marine with combat preparation but non adequate professionalism and good order will fall abruptly of their full potency. The article reinforces what I stated about the importance about directing Marines to NCO classs. “Marines. for illustration. who attend the Sergeants Course. larn how to carry on a personnel review. carry on squad-sized close order drill. and fix and present periods of direction.

They are instilled with the indoctrination accent in general traditions. courtesies. and imposts ; pattern proper reding techniques ; and learn legion other professional accomplishments. ” ( Baker. N. D. ) . The article “What Color Are Your Socks? It’s clip To Rope Your Dogma” negotiations about Marines necessitating to utilize more common sense when it comes to covering with junior Marines. The writer speaks about the Marine Corps tilting towards the drill teacher doctrine where everything is black and white. incorrect or incorrect. so gives illustrations where Marines should hold thought before they corrected Marines on something they thought was incorrect. The article negotiations about some Marines that aren’t in combat non holding the cognition or experience of combat Marines and that it takes adulthood to cognize when to rectify a Marine and to cognize when the Marine doesn’t need rectifying even though they aren’t following guidelines. The writer gave the illustration of a Marine have oning non-regulation colored socks because he was out contending for months and the lone socks he had left were white 1s left from a attention bundle.

The Marine corrected him should hold realized the fortunes that the Marines at War are being put through and should hold used some better leading to manage the state of affairs. Leadership is learned through clip and experience in the Marine Corps and provides Marines better cognition on how to manage state of affairss like these. “If the lone thing that runs through your head when you run into a Marine is what you can make to him as opposed to what you should make for him so you are right ; there is so a leading job. That leading job is you. ” ( Grice. N. D. ) . The article “Is adulthood taking back place in NCO ranks? ” negotiations about the Marine Corps take downing the cutting shop in certain occupation functions in order to increase the figure of needed Corporals. The contention environing this is that the Marines that are being promoted aren’t ready for the leading function and that the Marines that were promoted with a high film editing mark are acrimonious about the new Marines being promoted by a much lower mark. “If Marines are being promoted faster than normal. it would intend that the typical Marine in a peculiar class ( a sergeant. for illustration ) now has less experience. than a typical sergeant in the yesteryear. ” ( Fuentes. 2007 ) . The article negotiations about the chief quality to going a good leader is non a cutting mark or experience but alternatively adulthood.

The writer states that younger Marines don’t take their occupation as serious because they don’t to the full understand the badness of it yet. “A batch of the new cats — when they’re new and they haven’t been in the fleet that long ; they don’t have adequate cognition to be a bodily. ” ( Fuentes. 2007 ) . The article “Promotion system broken. soldiers tell SMA” negotiations about the Army’s top enlisted soldier gave soldiers a opportunity to vent about the jobs that they felt about publicities in the Army. The soldiers had a batch to state about how they thought the publicity system was unjust and how many Soldiers were excessively immature to be promoted. “Too many soldiers are selected for promotion before they are ready by “box checking” such things as fittingness. arms making and correspondence classs. ” ( Tice. 2012 ) . The soldiers spoke about the system non proving soldiers on their occupation place cognition. and soldiers practising what they need to cognize to go through the board but non really cognizing the cognition.

The soldiers suggested that there should be some clip of rating by the Staff NCO’s in the unit to happen out if the soldier is genuinely ready to be promoted. “This is where the platoon sergeant. first sergeant and [ bid sergeant major ] have to carry on an rating of the soldier and have the enteric fortitude to state a soldier they are non ready to take. ” ( Tice. 2012 ) . The chief ailment was that the system tests the Soldier for things that don’t needfully do them a good leader. which is indispensable to travel up in rank. The article “Helping train Soldiers to take over NCOs future WLC classes” negotiations about a new compulsory on-line preparation plan for soldiers which is required before they take the NCO class. The writer negotiations about the benefits of the class and how it makes the soldier more ready for the class and to be a better leader in general. “SSD is a preparation faculty established for our brightest and up coming skilled noncommissioned officers.

It’s developing in the ranks. helps concentrate on the overall edifice on future publicities and the Soldiers’ leading abilities for promotions. ” ( Poulin. 2011 ) . There are some contentions defined in the article such as soldiers on deployment non holding the clip to finish the online classes since most of them do non hold entree to a computing machine. The Army is doing exclusions for soldiers on deployment and giving them 90 yearss from the clip they get back to the provinces to take the classs. The article is chiefly about giving soldiers some type of leading instruction before they really take the NCO class.

The article “Marines traveling to WLC” negotiations about a new Sergeants class in the Army that will convey your leading abilities out. and will learn soldiers on resources for their Marines. Other classs merely learn soldiers how to be leaders but don’t learn them about all the resources they can portion with their soldiers. “Simply put this class weaponries first sergeants and commanding officers with information that will let them to make a better occupation of taking attention of Soldiers. ” ( Coleman. 2012 ) . The class will besides learn soldiers about puting ends. set uping plans within your unit. and how to cover with soldiers that are holding issues and wish to talk with you. The class is something new that is aimed at educating soldiers on more than merely how to break themselves but besides how to assist the soldiers better themselves. “Maintaining mission preparedness. while covering with Soldier issues on a personal degree. is a complex undertaking. ” ( Coleman. 2012 ) . This class will assist learn them how to cover with these issues. Analysis

Marines that haven’t had the clip to larn how to be leaders from senior Marines are unprepared to take junior Marines. This leads to freshly promoted Marines missing the leading qualities that are learned through clip as a junior Marine. The adulthood that it takes to be a senior Marine is acquired over the old ages following as a junior Marine this effects the quality of leading that is received by future junior Marines that will be led by these prematurely promoted Marines. The ground for the alteration in publicity clip in the Marine Corps is due to the fact that senior Marines have been go forthing the Marine Corps after their first circuit of responsibility in a lifting rate. To equilibrate the junior/senior ration. the Marine Corps decided to take down the publicity demands so that junior Marines would be promoted earlier. I picked up the rank of Corporal after 1 twelvemonth and 9 months. at the clip the mean Marine would pick up bodily after 3-5 old ages. Right after my publicity alternatively of the expected praises I would largely have enviousness from Lance Corporals that have been waiting to pick up Corporal for old ages. Even though my rank demanded regard which I did have. I didn’t experience that the Marines under me genuinely respected me. I felt as if they thought I picked up Corporal non because I deserved it but because of a trifle.

To outdo explicate the issue about Marines being promoted excessively immature and the effects that comes along with it such as deficiency of adulthood and acquisition to follow before you lead I am traveling to supply an illustration of a Marine was under my charge that was promoted excessively immature. After about a twelvemonth of myself being a Corporal our supply subdivision received a new Marine. he was a PFC fresh out of Supply School and didn’t speak much English visual perception as how he was recruited out of Puerto Rico. It was difficult for him to follow basic instructions because of the linguistic communication barrier and so I would frequently interpret the instructions given to him by others because I besides spoke Spanish. The Marine Corps offers new Marines the chance to travel on impermanent enrolling responsibility every bit shortly as they get to their first unit and if the Marine happens to mention a individual and that individual ends up enlisting. the Marine would be meritoriously promoted by one rank. After about 2 hebdomads from geting at our supply subdivision. the PFC went on enrolling responsibility for one month and received a meritable publicity due to mentioning a civilian that ended up enlisting. While the mean Marine is a PFC for a twelvemonth. this peculiar Marine picked up the rank of Lance Corporal after merely 2 months of being a PFC.

Even though the now Lance Corporal still didn’t speak much English and still wasn’t really good at following instructions. he performed really good in physical fittingness trials. When the Commanding Officer asked each subdivision to subject a campaigner for meritable publicity. our Supply Chief submitted the Lance Corporal even though there were other Lance Corporals that were senior to him and were far more qualified. When the Commanding Officer saw our Spear Corporals physical fittingness tonss he rapidly promoted him to the rank of Corporal without even run intoing him in individual. Unlike junior Marine publicities. there are demands that a Marine must run into before they are promoted to the rank of Corporal. They must take and go through MCI’s which Marine Corps online categories are. At the point that the Commanding Officer had decided to advance the Lance Corporal he had non completed any MCI classs and so myself and another NCO had to sit down with him and assist him finish the classs in the two yearss prior to his publicity. At the clip of new Corporal’s publicity. he had been in the Marine Corps for a sum of 10 months. This new Corporal had small to no experience as a junior Marine at his responsibility station. he had no deployments. and couldn’t instruct his junior Marines because he could non talk English to a high adequate capacity.

To exceed it off. the Marine had a bad pique. did non work good with others. and had a job with authorization. Equally shortly as we came back from a 9 month deployment from Iraq. I had merely 2 months left before my hitch was up and so was put into a impermanent occupation place working in the warehouse so that I wouldn’t hold excessively much duty as I would be busy half of the twenty-four hours look intoing out of the Marine Corps. One twenty-four hours I had an assignment to look into out with the admin section and the Corporal which was now the warehouse head asked me to pick something up from another military base and convey it to the warehouse. I told him that I had an assignment that twenty-four hours and that I wouldn’t be able to pick it up and he responded with if I don’t choice it up I would see what would go on. and we left it at that. I went to my assignment and the bundle wasn’t picked up. the Corporal proceeded to bear down me for disobeying a lawful order.

Two hebdomads before the terminal of my hitch. after two Iraq deployments and ne’er so much as a guidance session. the Marine that I helped acquire promoted. the Marine that I translated for when he couldn’t understand basic instructions. proceeded to bear down me. This state of affairs talked me a batch. it showed me the trueness and regard that is learned through old ages of being a junior Marine. was unluckily non learned by this Marine. I didn’t see it as the Marines mistake but as the mistake of the organisation and Marines above him that allowed a Marine to jump the necessary clip as a follower that makes a Marine a leader. Bing an NCO is something that should be coveted ; a Marine needs to be evaluated for an NCO place. An NCO is responsible for the lives of the Marines under him. they are responsible for preparation and forming hereafter leaders and so they themselves need to hold the experience and cognition to make this. Solutions

The Marine Corps offers NCO classs but they don’t do them compulsory. these classs teach Marines the basicss of Marine Corps leading. It teaches them how to train junior Marines. how to process Marines. and how to execute unvarying reviews merely to call a few. If the Marine Corps required junior Marines to go to the Senior Marine leading class before they were promoted so that would learn the junior Marines how to be leaders and better fix them for their responsibilities as leaders. This would besides profit the junior Marines under them because they would have better quality leading from their trained NCO. I was promoted to the rank of Corporal without traveling to Corporals Course ; it wasn’t until two old ages subsequently that I got the chance to go to the class. After I graduated from the class I realized that it is indispensable for prospective NCO’s and freshly promoted NCO’s to go to the class. You are able to larn many things straight from your NCO’s but the class decidedly presents state of affairss where you can take what you’ve learned and use it to a existent state of affairs such as processing a unit. or executing an review. Marines that don’t attend the class. no affair how first-class their NCO’s are. in my sentiment are missing developing that they need in order efficaciously lead their junior Marines.

The class takes what you’ve learned from on the occupation preparation and progresss your accomplishments into a professional leader. Using the cutting mark method of to advance Marines doesn’t promote the most qualified Marines. As the cutting tonss can change by 100s of points from one occupation forte to the following. it isn’t improbable for one Marine to be promoted to Corporal in two old ages and another to ne’er be promoted. The sarcasm about this is that the Marines that are considered ‘true Marines’ are the 1s that are in the foot. and they are the Marines that have to accomplish the highest cutting mark doing it really hard for them to be promoted to an NCO. This creates a kind of ill will between the different occupation fortes because of enviousness and green-eyed monster. When foot Marines that have been in the Marine Corps longer and hold more deployments than non-infantry Marines aren’t promoted they see it as unjust and they don’t respect senior Marines that are non-infantry because of this. A meritable publicity is a publicity in which a Marine is promoted before their usual appointed clip.

Sometimes they have Regiment degree meritable publicities. sometimes it’s a Company degree. or sometimes a high ranking officer such as a General or Colonel promotes a Marine for a occupation good done. Meritorious publicities that are held by a unit are normally more scrutinized than regular publicities. a Devil dog goes through a series of trials and if they pass. the staying Marines travel in forepart of board and are farther examined with series of inquiries. This manner the most qualified Marine is truly chosen from the group of potencies. Regular publicities that are based on the occupation places cutting mark are a batch easier. the Marine is notified that they have reached the mark in a peculiar month and is promoted in a formation along with other Marines in the unit that have besides reached the mark. There are no scrutinies and the Marine is non reviewed by a board.

If the Marine Corps entirely promoted based on trials and competitions like they do with meritable publicities so the publicities would travel merely to Marines that are ready to be leaders. alternatively of the Marines that were promoted by a publicity mark based on their occupation designation figure. My preferable solution would be that the Marine Corps makes it compulsory for all junior Marines to go to the NCO class before they are promoted. This manner. junior Marines will acquire educated on the responsibilities and duties of an NCO before they assume those duties. I have seen many freshly promoted Marines that don’t know the rudimentss such as piecing a formation or how to process a platoon. It seems sort of backwards that a Marine is to be promoted and so travel to a class for his current place ; it is like acquiring your driver’s licence and so larning how to drive. Contemplation

This assignment influenced my personal. academic. and professional leading and managerial development because now that I have had the chance to set what I’ve been experiencing in composing I’ve realized that I know what it takes to be a leader. and I can indicate out stairss that an organisation can take to make better leaders amongst their employees. Natural leaders may really good be born. but an organisation can’t trust that all of their employees will already hold the leading accomplishments required to presume a director place. The organisation has to hold some kind of system in topographic point to develop their employees. A leader has to be evaluated on several different factors non merely their work end product but besides how they deal with people. their attitude and moralss. There are people that are great at their occupation but would do awful supervisors. In the armed forces non merely does a Marine have to larn how to make their occupation place but they besides have to larn how to manage and develop their Marines. If a NCO sees that a Marine isn’t ready to pick up rank so that Marine should non be allowed to be promoted. if they are promoted it can non merely negatively affect the Marines around them but besides the Marines under their charge.

If the Marine Corps want to look out for the public assistance of junior Marines they wouldn’t let a Marine that doesn’t cognize how to be a leader to take charge of a smattering of Marines. In my paper I used the Marine Corps as the organisation that I spoke approximately because it is the lone organisation that I have experience with. It felt good to reflect on issues that I felt strongly about. I have spoken about these issues in the yesteryear but non the extent that I wrote in this paper. I am glad that I am non the lone 1 that feels like there is an issue in the Marine Corps NCO leading capablenesss. The mentions I found because of this paper made me recognize that there are many people who do cognize how of import it is to fix NCO’s and I hope something is changed further down the line to better the quality of leading immature Marines receive.


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