My Values Essay Sample

Valuess are what do me happy and I feel proud to hold. My values are the things that I believe are of import in the manner I live and work. In fact. my values came with the experiences that I have had so far in this life. My values are my kindness. my household. and love.

Mark Twin says. “Kindness is the linguistic communication which the deaf can hear and the blind can see” . Kindness is the first thing that makes us human. Actually. with no kindness in our Black Marias we will go like automatons. We would non be able to experience love. attention. and Tenderness. In fact. kindness is the existent bond between Populating animals. My 2nd value is household. Family is the first ground that makes person successes in his/her life. Family supports and helps its members emotionally and financially.

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Besides. the household members sacrifice everything in order to assistance and help who struggles of the household. My 3rd value is love. Love is the highest gift we can of all time wish to give or take. Love is the lone thing that can do us strong to confront the hard times that we are faced with in life. Oscar Wilde says. “Keep love in your bosom. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead” . It’s true that love gives you bravery. tenderness. and attention. Love is the key that guide you to what is right for you. In add-on. love gives us felicity. wellness. joy. peace. and so much more that’s positive.

In decision. household. kindness. and love are my three values. These values are so of import for me. When the things that I do and the manner I act fit my values. life is normally good and I am happy and pleased. However. when these don’t align with my values that are when things feel incorrectly. This can be a existent beginning of sadness.