Non Medical Incidents Essay Sample

Emergency –

An exigency could be if a kid goes losing. if person leaves a door unfastened and they can acquire out of the edifice or when they go on a school trip a kid could walk off without anyone knowing.

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A fire could get down in the kitchen if any of their equipment is defective or if there is faulty wiring throughout the edifice.


A security incident could happen if you do non cover the pin codification you have to set in to come in the edifice and some alien sees you and comes in with the kids.

Outline the actions to take in response to the undermentioned state of affairss.


There should be a sign language in and out book that the parents have to subscribe each clip they come to roll up their kid. The door grips should be high up so that the kids can non make them but the staff and parents can.


If a fire occurred you would put of the fire dismay to warn everybody that there was a fire and all staff and kids would go forth the edifice in a composure and reasonable manner to the designated point. Babies will be placed in nomadic fire fingerstalls and 2 members of staff will wheel each fingerstall to the assembly point. Nursery officers would pick up the registries. Registers would so be taken and a caput count to guarantee that everyone was out of the edifice. The director would so look into all countries including lavatories. staff room. babe altering country and the sleep room. Make certain you close all the doors behind you when go forthing each room. The fire brigade would so be called to set out the fire and no 1 will be allowed back into the edifice United Nations until it is safe.

Security –

Ensure that all staff. pupils and voluntaries have been checked for condemnable records by the condemnable records agency. All staff should have on id badges and a uniform so you know they are staff. Photographs of all staff at chief entryway. There should be a pin codification to acquire into the scene so aliens can non acquire in. All doors should be locked and alarmed but grownups can open them. Parents must subscribe in when they come to roll up there kid and a watchword should be given for when other people collect them. There should besides be a camera on the front door so staff can see who’s coming in. There should be at least two members of staff with the kids at all times. Staff are non allowed to transport their nomadic phone on them when they are with the kids. The doors to the garden can merely be unfastened from the interior leting kids entree into a unafraid garden. We have systems in topographic point for interlopers or unwanted visitants this should be stated in the policy processs. staff and pupils should be cognizant of a codeword which is used if a interloper enters.