Organizational Behavior Essay Sample

In the undermentioned study. I will supply elaborate information about my programs for my company as I take the helm of an established company with 10. 000+ employees. I will depict the company and what it does. Second. I will besides depict the features that I want my cardinal participants in the company ( yourself. CFO. COO. etc. ) to hold and how these features impact organisational behaviour. Third. I will analyse the motivational theories that have been discussed so far in the class and find the best ways to actuate my employees. In decision. I will setup a wagess plan based on public presentation that is appropriate to my company. Identify the cardinal constituents of the plan and explicate why this is the best attack for my company. Describe the company and what it does. The name of my company is Best Foot Forward. Inc.

The intent of my company is to supply superior client service developing to companies worldwide and guarantee that each company we train is successful through their deliver of client service. My ultimate end and nucleus value is to guarantee companies focus their attending on the client at all times. Customer service is critical for success in today’s concern environment every bit good as client satisfaction. Supplying and keeping outstanding client service will be the critical difference in your business’s success. Customer service relates to all the activities performed in every concern. by myself and my employees. It means analysing these activities and guaranting they are profiting the client. More than merely managing ailments. supplying refunds and smiling at your clients. outstanding client service means making everything possible to fulfill your client.

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Therefore. client service demands to be incorporated into a proactive. strategic program that is applied throughout the organisation. It needs to be a portion of every determination we make and the inquiry ”how will that impact the client? ” needs to be asked before any alteration is implemented. Key factor is to do the clients happy at all times. and for whatever ground. | |

Describe the features you would desire to see in the key participants in your company ( yourself. CFO. COO. etc. ) and how these features would impact organisational behaviour. As the key participants in my organisation. I can non emphasize the importance of how being ethical must be emphasized to the highest. Management must ever be cognizant of the fact that they are in the spotlight. and how they behave is clearly seeable to others. Whatever we do will non merely be seen by others. but may be duplicated every bit good. So how do we guarantee that we non merely say that. but that we pattern what we preach? In order to make this we must foremost specify our values. which would include honestness. Remain accountable as is everyone in the company to guarantee everyone is practising good ethical behaviour. Bottom line is if you play on moralss in your workplace. so good behaviour is practiced and encouraged at all times. Aside from making the right thing. carry oning ourselves ethically has great wagess and returns. Being ethical is indispensable to repairing jobs and bettering procedures. which is what my company stands for. It is needed to set up baseline steps and increase efficiencies.

Most significantly. it is indispensable to holding strong working relationships with people. On the other manus. covering up our unethical behaviour does the antonym of these of import workplace patterns and impedes on our ability to turn as leaders. as workers and as people. Ethical behaviour makes organisations win. A concern that does non value unity and does non walk the talk of being ethical will happen themselves at the underside of the slippery incline and admiration when and how they crossed the line. Analyze the motivational theories we have discussed so far and find how you could outdo actuate your employees. The motivational theory that stands out to me that I would utilize to actuate my employees would be Herzberg’s motivator-hygiene theory. I would concentrate more on the motivational factors. Those that yield positive satisfaction.

These factors are natural to work. These factors motivate employees for superior public presentation. These factors are called satisfiers. These are factors involved in executing the occupation. Employees find these factors per se honoring. Motivational factors include: recognition- the employees should be praised and recognized for their achievements by the directors. Sense of achievement-the employees must hold a sense of accomplishment. This depends on the occupation. Growth and promotional opportunities- there must be growing and promotion chances in an organisation to actuate the employees to execute good. Responsibility-the employees must keep themselves accountable for the work. The directors should give them ownership of the work. They should minimise control but retain answerability. Meaningfulness of the work-the work itself should be meaningful. interesting and disputing for the employee to execute and to acquire motivated. I know for me these have ever been the values that helped me progress in my calling. This theory emphasizes job-enrichment so as to actuate the employees. The occupation must use the employee’s accomplishments and competences to the upper limit.

Concentrating on the motivational factors can better work-quality. Setup a wagess plan based on public presentation that is appropriate for your company. Identify the cardinal constituents of the plan and explicate why this is the best attack for your company. My rewards plan would be called the Absolute Reward Package. The cardinal constituents of the wagess bundle would be public presentation and acknowledgment. You can understand the nexus between the two and how they go manus in manus. The public presentation side to the plan focuses on public presentation which is the alliance of organisational. squad and single attempts toward the accomplishment of concern ends and organisational success. It includes set uping outlooks. skill presentation. appraisal. feedback and uninterrupted betterment. The 2nd portion of the wagess bundle would be acknowledgment. Recognition which acknowledges or gives particular attending to employee actions. attempts. behaviour or public presentation. It meets an intrinsic demand for grasp of one’s attempts and can back up concern scheme by reenforcing certain behaviours ( i. e. – extraordinary achievements ) that contribute to organisational success.

Whether formal or informal. acknowledgment plans acknowledge employee parts instantly after the fact. normally with preset ends or public presentation degrees that the employee is expected to accomplish. Awards can be hard currency or noncash ( i. e. . verbal acknowledgment. tickets. trophies. certifications. plaques. dinners ) . I would prefer to implement this type of wagess plan because it would reenforce behaviours that improve single and team public presentation. It gives each employee a opportunity to increase their public presentation by maximising their possible based on their ain single abilities. It besides provides an inducement for the person to make a peculiar public presentation end. or to acknowledge a worker whose behaviour demonstrates a cultural value or has resulted in a important achievement—knowing that this will reenforce the behaviour. run into the of import human demand to be appreciated and convey the behavior’s value to the organisation. By implementing this type of wagess bundle. I am taking the first stairss in mensurating the effectivity of assorted types of acknowledgment and wagess on motive. employee battle. behaviour. and occupation public presentation across my organisation.


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