Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico Essay Sample

1. What do Directors make?

Directors achieve organisational aims through efficient and effectual usage of its four different resources. which consist on the people that will acquire the occupation done. the available fiscal resources for it. how he/she effectual and expeditiously would work on it. and how the information would be gathered or obtained.

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2. Is it more of import for directors to be efficient or effectual? Can you better both at the same clip?

Both. efficiency and effectivity are of import no affair what it is that we do. We must be efficient and effectual in our forenoon jobs and commute if we want. for illustration. acquire to work on clip.

3. Is direction ability universal. that is. if a director alterations between functional sections or concern sectors. can he/she still be an effectual director?

From my point of position. if a director alterations between functional sections or concern sectors. he or she can still be an effectual director. This individual should trust on his/her organisational or managerial accomplishments. which is. likely. the most of import quality that individual has.

4. Some people say difficult accomplishments ( proficient. finance. quantitative analysis ) are more of import for directors than soft accomplishments ( interpersonal accomplishments ) . and some say the opposite is true. What is your point of position?

From my point of position. a genuinely good director has a balance between the two. being a director with first-class difficult accomplishments and soft accomplishments.

5. Can person acquire promoted to a Middle Manager place without holding being first-line directors?

I don’t think anyone could acquire promoted to Middle Manager without being First-Line Directors foremost. A First-Line Manager has a greater demand for proficient accomplishments that should acquire to larn and spends more than in this acquisition procedure. An person should acquire tested as a First-Line Manager foremost in order to finally acquire promoted to Middle Manager. That individual demands to proof him/herself and to others in charge his/her capacity to manage greater undertakings.

6. When an employee is promoted to director. do most organisations provide some type of preparation? Should they?

I understand. from what I’ve learned. that non every organisation provides preparation when an employee gets promoted to director. Every company. every retail shop. every individual organisation SHOULD supply this type of preparation. no affair how much does this cost to the company. because. at the terminal. it could be a batch more to the company if the new director fails to execute as expected.