Pre Test Essay Sample

Pre Test
•Here is the trial consequence. Correct replies are shown by * following to the pick or given below the inquiry. •The highlighted inquiries are the inquiries you have missed. •Remediation Accessed shows whether you accessed those links. ’N’ represents links non visited and ‘Y’ represents visited links.

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contains 12 Questions

1 ) Locations where Department of Defense forces may come across victims of trafficking in individuals include ________________ .

Street-based harlotry

Construction sites

Dance nines

All replies are right ( right )


2 ) Victims sometimes do non go forth a trafficking in individuals state of affairs because they distrust jurisprudence enforcement. are fearful of sellers. or are incognizant of their basic rights.


True ( correct )
3 ) The PROTECT Act strengthens the ability to _________violent offenses committed against kids. Investigate

) All replies are right ( right


4 ) Which of the following are appropriate actions if you identify a trafficking in individuals misdemeanor? [ Redress Accessed: N ] Notify your co-workers utilizing societal media
Reach your concatenation of bid ( correct )

Reach the Department of Defense Inspector General ( IG ) ( correct )

5 ) Traffickers merely utilize physical force to command their victims after enticing them into a state of affairs. True

False ( correct )
6 ) Trafficking in individuals involves working people for ________________ . Choose all that apply. [ Redress Accessed: N ] Commercial sex ( correct )

Drug trade
Labor ( correct )

7 ) Buying sex. even in states where harlotry is legal. contributes to trafficking in individuals because it leads to more people going victims of forced commercial sex. False

True ( correct )
8 ) Department of Defense contractors should make which of the followers?
Procure commercial sex Acts of the Apostless during the period of public presentation Engage in terrible signifiers of trafficking in individuals during the period of public presentation of the contract Use forced labour in the public presentation of the contract Notify its employees of the United States Government’s zero tolerance policy ( right ) ________________________________________

9 ) Some of the most vulnerable populations likely to be targeted by sellers include ___________ . All replies are right ( right )
Homeless and runaway young person
Womans with anterior sexual or physical maltreatment
Oppressed or marginalized societal groups
10 ) Sellers can be anyone who is willing to work people via force. fraud. or coercion to do a net income. False

True ( correct )
11 ) Trafficking in individuals involves the usage of _______________to compel person into commercial sex or labour. All replies are right ( right )



12 ) “Demand” for commercial sex and forced labour can include __________________ . United States military forces
Womans or work forces
United States contractors
All replies are right ( right )