Research in Sociology and Pearson Education Essay Sample

Research workers. through their work. be given to determine the lives of people in the society and the perceptual experiences that people hold over issues in the society ( Macionis. 2013 ) . Therefore. a research worker meaning to transport out a research or survey must understand the ways of life of those people. Understanding the ways of life of the people or society a research worker intends to analyze in his/her research helps in supplying believable information and findings ( Macionis. 2013 ) . that can be relied upon by other people. However. failure to familiarise with the ways of life. for illustration in a survey of the Amish people. will ensue into jobs. particularly if the research is non an Amish ( Macionis. 2013 ) .

The Amish people. for illustration. are against active military service. In instance the research worker tends to inquire many inquiries about military service. this may be taken as violative against the belief of the Amish. who believe in the instruction found in the Bible that “love thy neighbour. ” Therefore. any research inquiries or remarks that revolve around force or active military service may non be answered or may be answered utilizing misdirecting replies ( Macionis. 2013 ) . Furthermore. the Amish people are against picture taking and all the signifiers every bit good as methods of picture taking are forbidden. This means that. if a research is to affect picture taking. the research worker may non be welcomed to transport out the survey. hence consequence in failure of the research.

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The place is considered the centre of the Amish life ( Macionis. 2013 ) . This means that. in instance the research wants to transport out the research in other locations apart from the place. this will ensue in the Amish going unreceptive and fail to react in instance it is an interview. Therefore. acquiring to understand the different ways of life of the people to be studied is of import to a research worker for believable and dependable research findings and consequences ( Macionis. 2013 ) .


Macionis. J. ( 2013 ) . Sociology. Pearson Education.

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