Results of Breakdown of Communication Essay Sample

1. Perceptual and Language Differences: Percept is by and large how each single interprets the universe around him. All by and large want to have messages which are important to them. But any message which is against their values is non accepted. A same event may be taken otherwise by different persons. For illustration: A individual is on leave for a month due to personal grounds ( household member being critical ) . The HR Manager might be in confusion whether to retain that employee or non. the immediate director might believe of replacing because his team’s productiveness is being hampered. the household members might take him as an emotional support.

The lingual differences besides lead to communication dislocation. Same word may intend different to different persons. For illustration: see a word “value” .

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What is the value of this Laptop?

I value our relation?

What is the value of larning proficient accomplishments?

“Value” means different in different sentences. Communication breakdown occurs if there is incorrect perceptual experience by the receiving system.

2. Information Overload: Directors are surrounded with a pool of information. It is indispensable to command this information flow else the information is likely to be misinterpreted or forgotten or overlooked. As a consequence communicating is less effectual. 3. Inattention: At times we merely non listen. but merely hear. For illustration a traveller may pay attending to one “NO PARKING” mark. but if such mark is put all over the metropolis. he no longer listens to it. Therefore. insistent messages should be ignored for effectual communicating. Similarly if a higher-up is engrossed in his paper work and his subsidiary explains him his job. the higher-up may non acquire what he is stating and it leads to letdown of subsidiary. 4. Time Pressures: Often in organisation the marks have to be achieved within a specified clip period. the failure of which has inauspicious effects. In a hastiness to run into deadlines. the formal channels of communicating are shortened. or messages are partly given. i. e. . non wholly transferred. Thus sufficient clip should be given for effectual communicating.

5. Distraction/Noise: Communication is besides affected a batch by noise to distractions. Physical distractions are besides at that place such as. hapless lightning. uncomfortable sitting. unhygienic room besides affects communicating in a meeting. Similarly usage of loud talkers interferes with communicating. 6. Emotions: Emotional province at a peculiar point of clip besides affects communicating. If the receiving system feels that communicator is angry he interprets that the information being sent is really bad. While he takes it otherwise if the communicator is happy and gay ( in that instance the message is interpreted to be good and interesting ) . 7. Complexity in Organizational Structure: Greater the hierarchy in an organisation ( i. e. more the figure of managerial degrees ) . more is the opportunities of communicating acquiring destroyed. Merely the people at the top degree can see the overall image while the people at low degree merely hold knowledge about their ain country and a small cognition about other countries. 8. Poor keeping: Human memory can non work beyond a bound. One buzzword ever retain what is being told specially if he is non interested or non attentive. This leads to communication dislocation.