School Cliques Essay Sample

A: Summary
Cliques are referred to as a little group. with similar involvements or other characteristics in common. who spend clip together and make non readily let others to fall in them. Every school has coteries runing from cheerleader coteries to even coteries committed to express joying at other coteries. Many teens wish to belong to a particular group and can be bound to be portion of one being in school together six hours mundane. all school twelvemonth. Friendship groups merely organize of course.

Supportive. wellness groups do non associate to themselves as a “clique” . They think of coteries as “snobs” . These supportive wellness groups are people with the same particular involvements as the pupil. These friends give good advice and teens feel comfy discoursing their job with them without experiencing strange. These groups help pupils develop assurance and confidence. These good “cliques” value honestness and classs.

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Bad coteries are the 1s who pressure teens to make bad things. They pressure them to make drugs and prevarication. These coteries may do teens experience “discouraged. uncomfortable. and out of place” . They besides insult other childs and expect the individual in the group to make the same. Teenss stay in this coterie because they think it’s better than being alone. but that’s non true. Find the coterie who accepts you for yourself. non for your manner. B. New and Intriguing Ideas

While being in school all twenty-four hours everyday. it is natural to be portion of a group subconsciously. “Psychologist Thomas J. Berndt at Purdue University says
it’s portion of human nature. ” But what matters the most is what group the adolescent goes in to: the bad coterie who tease others. or the good coterie that is supportive. The good coteries help give teens assurance and the bravery to seek new things. like attempt out for a athleticss squad. The bad coteries can do teens experience wanted and cool at first. but so they make them experience pressured into making things they don’t want to make. Teens stop up non being able to make things they enjoy or run into new people because they feel like the coterie will look down on them. Teenss may besides fault themselves believing there is something incorrect with them since their in that bad group of people. C. Questions

1. Is it possible that teens who go into a “bad” coterie experience insecure about themselves? 2. What if a pupil is in a bad coterie. but is scared to acquire out because of what those other pupils may make or state to him/her? 3. Is it possible that the student’s place environment can impact which coterie they go into? D. Confirmation or Challenge

I agree with what the writer says in this article. My first twenty-four hours of first-year twelvemonth. I remember being with my best friend and looking about seeing a clump of different coteries ; from athletes to what people may name. swots. There were coteries that thought they were better than others. looking down on them. Then there was the group of diffident childs who didn’t even want to demo their face. I personally do non see myself in a coterie. neither a lone wolf. I’m more of a free flower. I like run intoing new people and fall ining extra-curricular activities. E. Perceived Change

After reading this article. it made me desire to pay closer attending to coteries and their behaviours. It has besides made me desire to animate more teens towards making ends in life. being a good influence on them. and back uping them. This article besides made me desire to do new friends. and present myself to people I may non cognize. I want to do an attempt to be friendlier.