The Catholic Religion Essay Sample

Religion is a big worldwide topic. It is really of import to some people. and non as of import to others. However. faith is really of import to me and it is a major portion of my mundane life. Many people are confused about different faiths. The Catholic faith is confounding to some people. But if one were to look into the faith they would see it is non confusing. merely non good understood. Although I do non travel to church every bit often as I would wish. I still have really rigorous beliefs and follow a rigorous faith. I have been brought up and will go on to be brought up as Catholic. There are over a billion Catholics in the universe and this figure will go on to turn with clip. To be a Catholic means to hold complete religion in God and his Godhead grace. There are many grounds why being a Catholic is so of import to me. The Catholic Church allows me to follow a tradition. and it allows me to larn new things about my faith each and everyday. Bing a Catholic is really of import to me and to my household. My household has been brought up Catholic. and we are really strong trusters of this faith. Believing in a faith allows you to supply a tradition that can be passed down from coevals to coevals.

The Catholic faith trades with many vacations including Christmas. Easter. All Saints Day and Ash Wednesday. For illustration. every twelvemonth my household and I go to church on Easter forenoon. This has become a tradition in my household and will go on to be one for coevalss to come. The Catholic Church has allowed my household and I to go closer and to do traditions and to do memories. Another illustration. every twelvemonth around Christmas clip my household and I participate in an event at my local church. During this event my household and I pick a child’s name off of the “Joshua Tree. ” The Joshua tree is a tree that has less fortunate children’s names on it. Each household picks one kid from the tree and buys them a present for Christmas clip. Another tradition that most Catholics participate in are the sacraments. The Catholic Church participates in 7 sacraments. These sacraments include Baptism. the Eucharist. Reconciliation. Confirmation. Marriage. Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick. To be a portion of the Catholic Church you must carry through these sacraments.

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The Catholic faith. along with the Catholic Church has allowed this to go a tradition in my household that I will everlastingly partake in. The Catholic Church is a great topographic point to construct traditions and to construct up your relationships with your household members. Equally good as assisting to construct traditions. the Catholic faith besides allows me to larn new things about my religion twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours. The Catholic belief system is a really difficult one to understand if you are non Catholic yourself. The Catholic Church believes that the bible must be interpreted. which they do utilizing the tradition of the apostles. Catholics believe that creative activity is good. which is used by God for his intents. which is marred by original wickedness. Catholics believe that the lone manner to take this original wickedness is through the sacrament of baptism. Baptism symbolizes that one belongs to Jesus. non to themselves any longer. Another belief that I have learned from being Catholic is that Jesus is both to the full God and to the full adult male. He is believed to be the anticipated Messiah of Israel. Jesus was said to be born from a virgin. Mary.

He is said to hold died of a agonizing decease from being nailed to a cross. He is believed to hold risen from the dead. which farther symbolizes to Catholics that this proves his godly authorization. The most of import thing in the Catholic faith that I have learned about is the bible. The bible texts have been determined by the church. The bible Teachs you many things like the journeys and adversities that Jesus had to take. Catholics are taught to believe that all people are of good nature but when one commits a wickedness it non merely hurts that one individual. but the people and the church. Catholics believe in one God. Like others Christians. they believe that Jesus is god’s boy. which goes manus in manus with the belief of the Holy three. God the male parent and the boy and the Holy Spirit make up the Holy Trinity. Catechism is something that is required of the Catholic faith. Students are taught about it during Sunday school and if they attend a private school. they are taught about it in school. This allows kids to analyze the Catholic faith and to follow the basic regulations. In category we late watched a picture on Buddhism. Buddhism is a faith practiced by many groups. particularly many in Asia.

Peoples who study this faith believe in Buddha. This is a belief that life is permeated with enduring caused by desire. that enduring ceases when desire ceases and that enlightenment obtained through right behavior. wisdom and speculation releases one from desire. agony and metempsychosis. The Catholic faith differs a batch from Buddhism. Buddhists do non believe in the Godhead God. whereas Catholics do. While Buddhism has Buddha. Catholics have Jesus. By analyzing Buddhism. you do non hold a male parent to atone your wickednesss to. However. when you are Catholic the priest listens to you and forgives you for your wickednesss. Catholics are really large and take a batch of pride in praying each and every twenty-four hours. Buddhists do non bask praying and it is non necessary in their faith. Buddhism uses the Tipitaka. where Catholicity uses the Holy Bible. Buddhists believe that when you die you are born-again and reincarnated once more. Catholics believe that you either travel to hell or heaven when you pass off. Buddhism doesn’t have every bit much overall construction. like Catholics. who have sacraments.

Both have construction through their day-to-day lives. but Buddhism doesn’t have every bit much longer term spiritual markers and inductions. Buddhism is more personal redemption. and the personal attempt to make redemption. while in Christianity redemption comes from God. Even though Catholicism and Buddhism are both faiths. they both vary different and have really different and opposite beliefs. Religions are made up of people and beliefs in which they find security and felicity. Who are we to judge the manner people live their lives. or what faith they choose? Each one of us has our ain beliefs and we merely hope that we do non acquire judged. God is the lone justice. to me. For those grounds I am happy that I chose this faith because it is my willingness to understand Catholics that others will see that Catholicism is merely another faith populating a life that God intended us excessively.