The Dispossessed Response Essay Sample

I’m non traveling to lie. while reading The Dispossessed I found myself really confused. This is partly due to the fact that I do non cognize anything about political relations. William Deresiewicz studied the on the job category and the stigmas it holds. In The Dispossessed he illustrates his observations and negotiations about how the on the job category is viewed by society today. Deresiewicz high spots on some observations that I would hold ne’er noticed. The first is that T. V. shows today are non revolved around working category households. Personally. I think that since 80 % of the U. S. work force is considered working category. people do non desire to watch a show about what they are sing in their mundane lives. They want to see the excessive life style that they could hold had if they were given the resources and chances. The working category hasn’t been taught to believe that they’re entitled to make the best of everything. and they will take what life brings to them. Deresiewicz references that. “working category people care more about their households and their friends and the topographic points they’re from than they do about their callings. ”

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I agree with Deresiewicz and believe that most on the job category people worry more about the things that are traveling on around them such as friends and the topographic point they’re from instead than worrying about doing the right stairss in order to acquire to the in-between category and hold a good calling. Deresiewicz besides highlights that race is get downing to go a alternate for category. He suggests. “When we are shown a working category black we see a hapless person-when we are shown a working category white. we don’t see anything at all. ” I am non a racialist whatsoever. but I don’t blasted Deresiewicz for doing this premise. I have hung around people that automatically assume a black individual is stateless merely because he is walking down the street with plastic bags. I would wish to convey up the point that racism is still a really common thing today. It seems like even if we do see a successful black individual we associate them with being a really “white” black. I am really guilty of this premiss every bit good. Whenever I meet a black person that dresses nice or negotiations proper. I instantly assume that they grew up around a white vicinity. It is awful to believe this manner. but I am certain that there are other people that feel the same manner.