The National Health Service Essay Sample

The National Health Service ( NHS ) is an administration in the Public sector. this means that it is provided and funded by the authorities through revenue enhancements. and it provides a service. It is wellness attention system. provided to anyone regardless of age. race and income ; free of charge to forestall diseases and unwellnesss. It was founded in 1948 with the purposes to better the quality and length of life of local people ; to supply better services where they are needed most ; and to assist people to take more control of their wellness. Although one of its purposes is to supply a service to the local people. the NHS is a national concern ; it has over 400 hospitals/clinics in the UK but non in any other state. therefore non leting it to be an international or planetary administration. The NHS does non hold infirmaries in other states as the service is merely provided to people paying revenue enhancements in the UK.


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A Public Limited Company ( PLC ) is a company which trades its securities on the stock exchange and can be bought and sold by anyone. it besides has limited liability which means that the stockholders won’t lose any longer more money than they put into the company ; a Private Limited Company ( LTD ) besides sells portions but non on the stock market. in order to acquire a portion in a LTD you will hold to be asked to purchase one ; an LTD besides has limited liability. Other types of ownership of concern is a sole-trader and a partnership ; a sole-trader is owned and run by one individual which will hold to cover with everything for the concern to run decently. one illustration of a sole-trader is a corner-shop. A partnership is a type of ownership where 2 – 20 people ain and run the concern. an illustration of a partnership is a local accounting house.

The NHS has non got any of these types of ownership ; the NHS is a publically funded health care service through the revenue enhancement. provided by the authorities. This authorities section collects money from revenue enhancements and puts it straight into the NHS’s financess ; the authorities do non straight command the NHS. a direction system is in charge of how the administration tallies and how the money is spent on it.

Profit/Not for profit/Good cause

A profitable concerns chief purpose is to do a net income by selling merchandises or supplying a service. for illustration: John Lewis. ODEON Cinema and Mercedes ; a ‘good cause’ administration has the chief purpose to supply a service by making good things. they are non at that place to do a net income. they can be registered charities such as ‘Heart Foundation’ . or they can be community groups like the lookouts ; a not-for-profit administration uses surplus grosss to maintain the concern running and lasting. they use excess grosss to use staff and enlargement. an illustration of a not-for-profit concern is the American Medical Association ( AMA ) .

The NHS is a not-for-profit administration ; it doesn’t do its ain money for net income but alternatively uses the financess from revenue enhancement provided by a authorities section to assist run the infirmaries. renovations. enlargement and rewards. Their chief purpose is to better the wellness of citizens in the UK. non to do a net income.

[ Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. stockporthealth. nwest. New Hampshire. uk/about-us/mission-statement/ ]


The Primary sector consists of industries that merely roll up the natural stuffs. such as coal. Fe ore. and harvests. which are used to do points sold in the stores. The Secondary sector uses the natural stuffs to fabricate them so that they are ready to be used. an illustration of a concern in the secondary sector could be a auto maker as they make carts out of the stuffs from the Primary sector. The Tertiary sector is the portion of the industry that sells the finished merchandise in stores ; they buy points from the secondary sector and sell it onto other clients. A concern that provides a service will besides be in the Tertiary sector. The Tertiary sector is the largest sector in the UK ; there are a batch of illustrations around the streets such as Sainsbury’s and the Police. The NHS is in the Tertiary sector as it merely provides a service to us ; it doesn’t cod natural stuffs or fabricate them.


A concern that merely operates in one country would be known to be a local concern ; they are normally little concerns such as a sole-trader or partnership and won’t be runing in other countries as good. A larger concern that operates all over the state would be known as a national concern. they would more likely be PLC’s or LTD’s ; nevertheless they won’t have any other subdivisions of their concern in any other state. An international concern is a concern that operates in more than one state and a planetary concern is a concern that operates all over the universe. illustrations of this include Sony. Nike and McDonalds. NHS merely provides wellness service to the UK as it is the tax-payers who are maintaining it funded. this means that the NHS is merely a National concern.


Describe the types of concern. intent and ownership of two contrasting concerns

Tesco is in the Private sector and its intent is to do a net income by selling food markets and other place goods to people. Their stores are located all around the UK nevertheless it besides has shops in 14 states across Asia. Europe and North America. It was originally a national concern from 1919 until 1992 when it opened its first shop abroad in Poland.


Tesco is a Public Limited Company ; this means that it sells portions of the company on the stock market which can be bought by anyone. The company has limited liability which means that people won’t lose any more money than they put in. Presently the monetary value of a Tesco portion is 318. 15p and has 30. 2 % of the market portion in the UK. The cardinal people who are in control of the company are the Chairman. Sir Richard Broadbent. and the Group Chief Executive. Philip Clarke.

Profit/Not for profit/Good cause

Tesco’s definite chief purpose is to do a net income. They do this by selling their merchandises. such as their food markets and other wares that they get from elsewhere. Last twelvemonth Tesco made a net income of about ?4 billion. Tesco besides make net income by supplying other services like Tesco Mobile and Tesco Bank. Tesco besides support good cause administrations and even have a charity. ‘Tesco Charity Trust’ . but their chief purpose is to do a net income.


Tesco bargains manufactured goods from other administrations and so sells them to the populace. this puts the concern in the third sector ; nevertheless. in some instances Tesco use their ain farm to supply food markets for their shops. this is a secondary sector type of concern but Tesco would still chiefly be in the third sector.


Tesco has 6. 351 shops internationally. around 4. 000 of them being in Europe. In 1992 Tesco operated for the first clip outside of the UK by puting shops in Poland. since so it has opened many shops in Europe. Asia and America. Due to the sum of states Tesco operates in it makes it a planetary concern.