Theological Reflection Philippines Essay Sample

One of the major societal jobs that the Philippines still brushs and could non extinguish is the job of poorness. It is reasonably obvious since there is a show of substandard houses for rural countries in most of the topographic points here. a presence of improper drainage systems in our canals and besides of bad route systems. There are no equal societal installations in each barangay for people’s safety. wellness. growing and instruction. Besides the transit could be really tough and hard because of the traffic. One transit job that is peculiarly in Mandug is the bend and agenda of trips of the PUJs in Mandug. because of that many occupants at that place have inconvenient clip in going. Jeepneys standby on terminuss and merely go when rider seats are full so when you work or analyze for illustration in Buhangin and you live in Mandug and the terminus is located in Acacia. by the clip the landrover base on ballss by the your working topographic point or school. there would no longer be room for you to sit on.

Now. you must take a dual drive in order for you to acquire place which is pretty inconvenient and dearly-won particularly when you belong in the low on the job category. Personally. I think the authorities should pay more attending to the hapless and assist them acquire better paid occupations for them to better their life style and have a more comfy life. It should supply the citizens with the indispensable and basic societal installations. public services that the people need and could profit from. Besides in my sentiment I do non like the thought of societal categories because for me it divides the society. Deuteronomy 15:7-8. “If there is a hapless adult male among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you. make non be hardhearted or tight-fisted toward your hapless brother. Rather be open-handed and freely lend him whatever he needs. ” Harmonizing to the Bible. we should offer whatever we have to the needy. It becomes our moral duty to assist and help those who are in trouble because we are all equal brothers and sisters in the eyes of God. V. Response

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Poverty is present in any underdeveloped state it is the cause of the uneven division of resources. Poverty can non be eradicated if those who have do non give to the hapless. Alms-giving is a likely solution to the job but giving is non the reply. it is portion of the reply. Giving resources and learning those in need how to utilize the given resources is the permanent solution for the
job of poorness.