Treasure Hunt: Finding the Values of Right Angle Triangles Essay Sample

This concluding hebdomads class asks us to happen a hoarded wealth with two pieces of a map. Now this may non be a common usage of the Pythagorean Theorem to work out the distances for a right angled triangle but it is a merriment exercising to happen the values of the right angle trigon.

Buried hoarded wealth: Ahmed has half of a hoarded wealth map. which indicates that the hoarded wealth is buried in the desert 2x + 6 gaits from Castle Rock. Vanessa has the other half of the map. Her half indicates that to happen the hoarded wealth. one must acquire to Castle Rock. walk ten gaits to the North. and so walk 2x + 4 gaits to the E. If they portion their information. so they can happen ten and salvage a batch of delving. What is x?

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So. if you walk ten gaits north. so 2x+4 gaits east. you have moved approximately east nor’-east to a distance of 2x+6 gaits. This is a right angle. with 2x+6 on the hypotenuse or line c. so we must work out utilizing the Pythagorean Theorem:

a? + b? = c?add in the values
( ten ) ? + ( 2x+4 ) ? = ( 2x+6 ) ?multiply inside the parenthesis
x? + 4x? + 16x + 16 = 4x? + 24x + 36
subtract 4x? + 24x + 36 from both sides x? – 8x – 20 = 0factor the quadratic equation
( ten -10 ) ( ten + 2 ) = 0use zero factor belongings to work out
X – 10 = 0 or x + 2 = 0creating a compound equation
ten = 10 or x = -2the reply can non be – 2
ten = 10

Now we will stop up in the value and work out: ten gaits north and 2x + 4 gaits east or 10 gaits north and 2 ( 10 ) + 4 = 24 gaits east of Leaning Rock. Or 2x + 6 gaits north-east or 2 ( 10 ) + 6 = 26 gaits north-east from the stone to make the inhumed hoarded wealth.

In this exercising we learned how to happen the value of a right angle trigon with one given point and two variables based off that point. I personally learned to take my clip with a written out job like this. as at first was a spot defeated and baffled with it. Overall this class MAT 221 has helped me quite a spot to review on my Algebra accomplishments. Thank you for assisting me recognize that with a small aid I could skip right back to it with minimum roadblocks.


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