Tupac And My Non Thug Life Essay Sample

In the article. “Tupac and My Non –Thug Life the writer of this article Jenee Desmonc-Harris writes about how a immature California miss was so affected by Tupac’s decease. She remembers hotfooting place from school shouting about Tupac’s decease. She was so influence by him she truly loved him and was a immense fan. She knew him on a personal degree which may hold been manner she was influenced. Listening to Tupac made the misss so proud of African American civilization. She and her friend were valued Tupac’s music so much. after his decease they tattooed a vocal words of his. They mourned Tupac’s decease. She felt strongly thankful about his music. as she even mentioned. “his music represents the old ages when I was both forced and privileged to face what it meant to be black. ” The sarcasm in this article was what truly happened is the intelligence was turned on. with coverage of the deathly Vegas shot. Telephone calls were made. Ultimately my best friend. Thea. and I were left to our ain 15-year-old devices to mourn that weekend. Her female parent and stepfather were out of town. Their expansive. million-dollar place was perched on a hillside less than an hr from Tupac’s former stamping evidences in Oakland and Marin City. Of class. her place was besides worlds off from both topographic points. that these misss are white and unrecorded in a predominately white country and are really affluent.

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They don’t have anything in common with the people that Tupac sings about in his wordss but yet they love all his vocals. Most of Tupac’s vocals are about his ain and many other peoples battles in life. The force. racism. and even poorness he faced all are common subjects of what he sang approximately. So it is dry that these white California misss of such wealth are such great fans even though they do non confront the same adversities as Tupac sang approximately. Possibly they merely liked the manner his music sounded without even understanding the wordss. A quotation mark that was of import to me was ‘’Blackness became something cool. something T which we had trade name new entree. ” Blackness became portion of her and her manner. The whole ghetto expression became cool to these misss. Listening and memories his wordss made them cool and now other people wanted to make the same as them. This possibly a ground why these misss loved Tupac that much. They wanted to be “cool” merely as those who listened to him were.