Use of Imagery in “Hunting Snake” by Judith Wright Essay Sample

Which words and images are the most dramatic in the verse form? How do they hold this consequence? A. ‘Hunting snake’ is a simple verse form about a simple minute. However. there is a powerful message buttocks it every bit good. A really dramatic facet is that something every bit fiddling as a serpent can be the focal point of someone’s life at a peculiar minute. The enunciation used in this verse form creates contrasting images. which are both positive and negative. This is the jurisprudence of nature as good. nil is wholly good and nil is wholly bad. I find the riming scheme really dramatic and a great impact is created by this every bit good since a musical tone is given to this verse form. The first stanza begins with really pleasant images such as “autumn’s gentlest sun” and good feelings such as “sun warmed” . However. the feeling of “sun warmed” is replaced by “froze” when the talker beholds a “great black snake” traversing her way. The enunciation used here ( Sun warmed. froze ) have a contrastive nature. which creates a immense consequence as even the most undistinguished things ( such as the “hunting snake” ) can do a passage of feelings in a minute. Another contrasting consequence is created when the orange and bluish colourss of the sky are followed by the colour black. which symbolizes the entry of something immorality. A really dramatic image of the serpent is created as it goes for the putting to death.

The serpent is focused. with it’s “head down” . The term “flickering” shows the stealing and subtleness of the serpent. It is ‘questing’ through the grass. looking for it’s quarry. The beauty of the serpent is highlighted as it’s “curves of diamond scale” are mentioned. This creates a really absorbing image of the serpent which is so lifelessly. yet so attractive. as the talker “lost breath” to go through it by. After depicting the beauty of the serpent by fantastic imagination. the 3rd stanza contains enunciation which shows the deadly nature of the serpent. depicting it’s “fierce intent” . A immense consequence is created as an facet of life has been highlighted: everything which is immorality has a alluring nature. which attracts worlds. Just like the serpent which. although has a deathly nature. the talker seemed mesmerized by it as his/her “eyes went with him as he went” .

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The following stanza describes the going of the serpent. the go throughing off of the simple minute around which the life of the talker revolved around for a few seconds. The words used are really striking which invoke both fright and awe. The serpent is described as “cold. dark” and so “splendid” . When the serpent left. the talker took a breath of alleviation. This had a really dramatic consequence as it shows the up and down of emotions. The imagination and words used in the “Hunting snake” is simple and implies to a simple minute of a serpent passing by. However. it has a deeper significance and the passage of emotions which the character experienced at that clip can be applied to any circumstance in life which is merely every bit nerve-racking. and after it has passed. one takes a “breath of relief” .