Water Quality

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Lab # 4 Oakland Ravine and Lake: Water Quality

1. The pH degrees are reasonably changeless for recess and mercantile establishment. The dissolved O ( bash ) , on the other manus, varies really much between the recess and the mercantile establishment. The measurings of the pH and the bash of the H2O do non differ greatly. By comparing the two graphs given I can see that both the pH and the dissolved O are lover in the winter. I think this is related to the sum of sunshine that the H2O receives and besides the temperature of the H2O. In the given maps the bash drops off really aggressively at assorted points. I would presume this is a mark of eutrophication. That would besides explicate why in the winter the bash is much more steady up to a certain deepness. The account being that the cold conditions has killed off many workss, hence the workss can? t choke the O supply.

PH NO3 DO ( A ) PO4

INLET 7.3 7.3 7.05 1.7 5.5 5.5 Over-range

LAKE 7.8 7.8 7.64 1.5 9 9.42

OUTLET 7.5 7.5 7.35.9 6 6.48

2. These beings were found in the sample of H2O we looked at on Thursday

e slide. I would state that the beings are about the size of a all right pencil point. The expression like eyeglasses in the H2O to the bare oculus, but under the amplifying glass they look highly detailed and big. I think I found a synedra and a Copepoda. Because these beings are so little they must eat really little atoms possibly from dead workss and animate beings in the H2O. They are likely merely about the lowest on the nutrient concatenation. Their being most likely supports many other life signifiers.

3. Discussion- This lab was reasonably interesting. I liked really making lab trials and so happening out the consequences. I don? t understand why every pool across America International Relations and Security Network? T eutrophied. If the copiousness of foods comes from autos and pollution, so wouldn? t it be oozing into merely about every organic structure of H2O, hence doing eutrophication. ? This lab explains why many times I will see dead fish drifting about in pools near my

house in upstate New York. I? ve gone fishing in one peculiar pool and every clip you reel it back in the hook would hold been filled with algae and works affair. Now I know that it? s non a healthy pool.