What is the Open High School Program (OHSP) Essay Sample

The OHSP is an alternate manner of secondary instruction that uses distance acquisition. It caters to scholars who are unable to go to the regular category plan due to physical damage. work. fiscal. distance of place to chool. and other justifiable and legitimate grounds.

The plan. therefore. is in consonant rhyme with the Education for Al ( EFA ) end of doing every Filipino functionally literate by 2015. It’s doctrine is based on the proviso of Batasang Pangbansa ( BP ) 232 or the instruction Act of 1982 “The province shall supply the right of every person to relevant quality instruction regardless of sex. age. credo. socio-economic position. physical and mental conditions. racial or cultural beginning. political and other association. ”

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Since distance acquisition is it’s ains characteristic. the plan requires that the scholar is capable of pull offing his/her acquisition. What are the end and aims of the OHSP?

The OHSP Is aligned with the School Improvement plan’s ( SIP ) end of bring forthing. Functionally literate learner/graduate or 1 who has a command of the basic competences. capable of problem- resolution. and is a productive member of his household and community.

The OHSP as a dropout Reduction Program ( DORP ) intercession. has the undermentioned aims:

* Provides chance to all simple alumnuss. high school drop-outs. and successful testees of the Philippine Educational arrangement Test ( PEPT ) to finish secondary instruction ; * Prevents possible school departers and encourages those who are out of school to complete secondary instruction ; * Reduces high school bead outs and increases engagement rate ; and * Increase accomplishment rate through quality distance instruction.