Youth organizations in Great Britain

There are about 60 young person organisations in Great Britain. All youth organisations can be divided into three big groups: 1. non-political organisations ; 2. young person organisations associated with political parties ; 3. young person organisations controlled by spiritual organic structures.

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The two largest non-political young person organisations are the associations of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides. There are about 1300000 male childs and misss in them. The rank is voluntary.

The Scout Association was formed in 1908 by General Baden Powell. His thought was to develop male childs in function, signaling, knotting, first assistance and all the accomplishments that would originate from bivouacing and out-of-door activities. Most of import of all for a Scout was to do a promise that he would make his best to make his responsibility to.

The Boy Scouts had a left-handed handshaking, a particular badge and the motto & # 8220 ; Be Prepared & # 8221 ; . The Scout Law embraces & # 8220 ; honor, obeisance, sunniness, thrift and cleanliness in idea and title.

The Scout motion was intended for male childs from 11 to 14 ( 15 ) , but in 1916 Baden Powell introduced a programme for younger people. He called them Wolf Cubs. They had particular uniforms, badges, a particular preparation system and the motto & # 8220 ; Make your best! & # 8221 ; . The Wolf Cub battalion is based on Kipling & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Jungle Book & # 8221 ; about larning to last.

The Girl Guides Association was founded by Baden Pawell in 1910. It & # 8217 ; s

divided into three subdivisions: Brownies ( from 7.5 to 11 ) , Guides ( from 11 to 16 ) , Rangers ( from 16 to 21 ) . The programme of preparation is planned to develop intelligence and practical accomplishments including cooking, needlecraft, child care. Like a Scout a Girl Guide must be a friend to animate beings.

There are some other non-political organisations: the Combined Cadet Force, Sea Cadet Corps, the Woodcraft Folk, the Youth Hostels Association, the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs, Greenpeace.

There are several youth organisations associated with political parties. The Youth Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament ( YCND ) unites immature people and organizes mass mass meetings and meetings, presentations, Marches of protest, festivals. It co-operates with the National Union of Students.

Religious immature organisations and groups aim at assisting to aged people or working in infirmaries. There are even groups where immature people help released captives to get down so life a-new. Religious organisations pay attending non merely to the survey of spiritual positions but involve youth into such activities as music festivals and recreational theater.

As you see, all there organisations aim at preserving and beef uping the societal and political system bing in the state. Many of them have done and still are making utile work in supplying leisure installations for immature English people.