Youth Violence Essay Research Paper Are we

Youth Violence Essay, Research Paper

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Are we work outing youth force by directing bush leagues to imprison in grownup prisons? In the article? Tough Justice for Juveniles? writer Edward Humes discusses the underlining jobs with the Juvenile Justice System. In this article Humes claims in paragraph 2 that: ? Our national arrested development with meting out grownup penalties to immature felons has blinded us to the underling crisis? the juvenile system? s flooring inability to enforce meaningful punishments, or even supervising, on wrongdoers before they become the? marauders? we so fear. ? Personally, I agree with the Humes, the Juvenile Justice System is so readily willing to penalize immature felons to the furthest extent of the jurisprudence. In most instances without even sing, they? re anterior condemnable history or the offenses, that they are presently being processed. Humes illustrated illustrations in paragraphs 4, 5, 6, and 7 by discoursing two young person wrongdoers and the penalty that they where sentenced to after being processed through the current Torahs used by the Juvenile Court System.

In this article, the writer clearly illustrates an entreaty to authorization by exposing a rational tone that International Relations and Security Network? t violative and the writer appears to be personally knowing about the capable affair doing his positions creditable. The writer besides clearly expresses a echt concern for the capable affair being discussed and offers suggestions on how to rectify the job illustrated in the claim. In paragraph 11 Humes stated: ? We can maintain puttering with the Torahs so we can transport more and younger kids to adult tribunal, but this does nil to return juvenile tribunals to their original mission: to cover with immature people before they become hard-boiled criminals. ? I believe that Humes is seeking to show a concern that most people have environing young person offense which is the fact that we wear? T want to direct kids to adult gaol so that they can larn to go better felons. I besides agree with Humes in regard that there is a demand to rectify how we punish kids that commit big offenses. The age that a adolescent can be tried, as an grownup in most provinces is 16 in some provinces they are seeking to take down the age to 14. I can see how this is of import due to a turning figure of slayings committed by juveniles but this jurisprudence doesn? T protect juveniles that commit junior-grade offenses such as larceny and burglary. I don? T believe that we need to soften the penalty for juvenile wrongdoers but I do believe that in some instances the juveniles can be rehabilitated with proper way set up by the tribunals.

In this article, the writer? s entreaty to emotion is that of concern and unhappiness for the juveniles that are processed through the tribunal system without a 2nd idea as to what will go of these immature wrongdoers. I personally believe that something demands to be done about how the tribunal handles these childs and how they are processed. This merely added to my emotional response that the writer leads the reader to experience and do me experience as though I should be personally involved

in rectifying what is incorrect with the Juvenile Justice System. We need to see whether we are out to learn them a lesson against perpetrating offenses or turning them into better felons by locking them up in grownup prisons. The writer gave dismaying statistics that appealed to my emotion as a reader in paragraphs 10 and 11. In both paragraphs the writer cited illustrations and used statistics to floor the reader? s emotional response to the article. The writers? entreaty to logic is argument from causing. Which he illustrates by comparing the cause which would be the rough penalty of juveniles to the consequence which would be how they become the marauders that we fear they will go from disbursement clip in grownup prisons. I agree with the writers? positions from this signifier of logic because the consequence or result is a hard-boiled felon. From personal experience covering with a half sister that has been in and out of the Juvenile Courts since the age of 12, I have found Humes positions to be right. My sister is presently making clip in upstate Virginia for three felonies. I do non believe that puting her in such topographic points as TDH has taught her the true significance of life. I believe that with aid she could hold bettered her ego and finished school. However, because of her perennial offenses she was taken off from her parents, who did nil to better her mentality on life, and put her in a topographic point where all she can larn is how to go a better felon. I had no other pick but to dissociate myself from her violent condemnable behaviour and let the tribunal to penalize her the manner they saw tantrum. However, I disagreed with the manner she was sentenced because of her age and the offenses she was convicted for. I believe that with supervising and rigorous ordinances she could hold made something of her life but now I merely fear that when she is released she will merely come out a hard-boiled felon that knows nil about life other than a life of offense because it is the lone manner she has been taught to last in society.

In decision Humes belief that societies need to penalize immature felons to the furthest extent of the jurisprudence merely teaches them to go better grownup felons is right. The solution to work outing this job can merely be addressed by the lawgivers that pass Torahs sing juvenile wrongdoers. In paragraph 13 Humes proposes the undermentioned inquiries sing young person offense by saying: ? How do we salvage first-time wrongdoers from lives of offense? How do we turn the best of our legal profession toward salvaging kids? ? From those inquiries Humes provinces: ? Merely when we deal with these issues will we get down to? check down? on juvenile crime. ? I believe that until our authorities develops a more concentrated system for penalizing immature felons we will hold more kids that are lost in the Juvenile Justice System. I personally feel that without a proper system of authorities that looks into rehabilitation and supervising for first clip lightweight juvenile felons we will stop up with an full coevals of hard-boiled felons running free in America.