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Accountability is a state of affairs in which people who exercise authorization are controlled by external agencies and internal norms Medical moralss the sum to which a individual is accountable to a superior authorization. ( 1 ) A status in which persons who exercise power are constrained by external agencies and internal norms. ( 2 ) Taking duty for one’s ain actions and supporting them to anyone who asks ( McGraw-Hill. 2002 ) . Why is answerability of import in the wellness attention industry? Accountability has become the most of import job in wellness attention. Accountability entails the processs and procedures by which one party justifies and takes liability for its behaviour. The theory of answerability contains three of import constituents: 1 ) the venue of accountability–health attention consists of at least 11 different parties that can be apprehended accountable or hold others accountable ; 2 ) the spheres of accountability–in wellness attention. parties can be held accountable for every bit many as six activities: professional competence. legal and ethical behavior. fiscal modus operandi. sufficiency of entree. public wellness publicity. and community benefit ; and 3 ) the processs of answerability. including formal and informal processs for measuring conformity with spheres and for circulating the rating and responses by the accountable parties ( Emanuel EJ and LL. 1996 ) .

How to mensurate an employee’s answerability in the wellness attention industry Accountability means being held answerable for carry throughing a end or assignment. Unfortunately. the word “accountability” frequently connotes punishment or negative effects. Surely. direction should non digest hapless public presentation and should take action when it occurs. However. when organisations use answerability merely as a large stick for penalizing employees. fright and anxiousness permeate the work environment. Employees are afraid to seek new methods or suggest new thoughts for fright of failure. On the other manus. if approached right. answerability can bring forth positive. valuable consequences. These positive consequences occur when employees view answerability plans as helpful and progressive methods of delegating and finishing work. For illustration. directors who involve employees in puting ends and outlooks find that employees understand outlooks better. are more confident that they can accomplish those outlooks. and execute at a higher degree.