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Activity Based Costing Essay, Research Paper

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Activity Based Costing ( ABC ) is more relevant than traditional costing in companies, where merchandise mix is diverse in ; batch sizes, physical sizes, grade or complexness, and natural stuff features. ABC will besides supply more determination utile information for the service industry, characterized by diverseness in scope of services provided. If the merchandises in a works or services provided posses similar features, wither volume based or an activity based cost driver will supply moderately accurate costs. The strategic end of ABC is to supply determination utile cost and profitableness information for optimum pricing determinations, appropriate merchandise mix, and operational betterments by concentrating on activities and cost drivers. ( Burch 1994 )

ABC provides a closer estimate of the cost of merchandise, than that provided by the traditional volume based bing method. The usage of ABC in itself will non take to better profitableness direction uses information provided by ABCs to make up one’s mind the optimum product-mix. The action of the direction will take to improved consequences.

What is ABC?

There are several elements worthy of note. First is that activities happen because an input has triggered them, for example, an activity such as & # 8220 ; purchase supplies & # 8221 ; is caused or triggered by a requisition, secondly, we see that resources are consumed by an activity. Resources are the things that an administration wages for, such as people, machines and equipment and installations. We can mensurate the ingestion of resources by activity for illustration, the activity & # 8220 ; purchase supplies & # 8221 ; consumes one hr of an employee & # 8217 ; s clip per requisition.

Activities can be associated with the end products or cost objects of the administration illustrations of a few of the cost objects for service administrations that we have worked with include such things as mortgages, check outing histories, railway car motion from point A to point B, or B to C. Cost objects consume activities in much the same manner that activities consume resources accordingly, we can mensurate how much of an activity such as & # 8220 ; purchase supplies & # 8217 ; is required by an administration & # 8217 ; s service end product such as & # 8220 ; technology preparation class & # 8221 ; . The measuring of ingestion is called an activity- cost driver. Of important note here is that different cost objects do devour activities & # 8221 ; in different proportions and that different clients do devour activities apathetic proportions. Traditional allotment manners hide this fluctuation in activity use by apportioning these indirect costs based on some common denominator, such as per centum of budget allotment, or per centum of gross and therefore frequently provide rather deceptive information.

The degree at which activities are analysed can change widely from the really aggregative to the really elaborate. The degree of item should be matched to the degree of analysis required to better the decision-making within the administration. Even within a individual administration, the degree of item can really from one portion of the analysis to another, inordinate item will bog down the undertaking and non supply any material benefit to the analysis. Too small item will befog the meaningful consequences that could be achieved.

The utility of an ABC analysis can be farther enhanced by including a value analysis of every activity.

When building an ABC theoretical account, activity costs can be either traced straight to a cost objects. Examples of enabling activities include & # 8221 ; paying employees & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; back uping Personal computer users & # 8221 ; . We can so bring forth studies for these activities in assorted formats that show both the direct resources every bit good as those supports activities that form portion of the entire cost. Reports by and large list the activities from highest cost to lowest cost. Management can so measure these activity costs in footings of whether they are excessively high, excessively low, or in the expected scope. This is once more a focussing mechanism for direction in measuring it resource use forms.


Activity based costing has proven itself to be a feasible costing methodological analysis for about any administration that incurs a significant sum of indirect resources service administrations, whether for net income or non, have accepted ABC as a feasible costing tool for their intents. No longer is it perceived to be merely another fabricating costing tool. The economic analysis provided by ABC is the foundation on which to construct solutions to many of the critical concern issues confronting service administrations today.

It is an accounting system that tires to take deformation from the distribution of operating expense costs between merchandises. It can be a powerful direction arm for instanc

vitamin E, a precise interruption down of costs can go a footing for a stragic pricing determination of a merchandise or for assailing the cost of each of those activities, or for placing activities that are lending to costs but non adding value ( NVA ) . While Orthodox cost accounting works good under unchanging conditions, it progressively leads to deformations under complex operations. ABC offers a more accurate image of merchandise costs.

It is flexible we can slit our cost information by clients, by part, by divisions, by maps or by procedure etc. An & # 8220 ; ABC & # 8221 ; theoretical account will enable us to analyze our merchandise harmonizing to different client sections they are targeted at and compare the costs of each class with the premium the purchaser section allows us to bear down. That will instantly uncover merely which of client section are truly generating net income.

The basic aims of ABC are two creases: –

& # 183 ; Validate the success of quality thrust with ABC

& # 183 ; Optimise costs in response to monetary value opposition in market

The above aims are achieved as follows: –

A. Estimating the efficiency of different activity.

B. Determination of non-value added activities.

C. Attacking the country of cost Redundancy.

D. Ability to trap down the concealed costs.

E. Determination of focal point for uninterrupted betterment.

Stairss involved in implementing ABC: –

1. Identifying the functional countries involved.

2. Identifying the comparative Activities involved in each functional Areas.

3. Allocate the common outgo to assorted activities in each functional countries.

4. Preparation the statement of outgo map wise/ activity wise/ history caput wise.

5. Identifying the most suited cost driver in each activity under functional countries.

6. Identifying the portion of one cost driver to the merchandise manufactured for soaking up of OH.

7. Determine the rate/cost frogman for peculiar activities.

8. Absorb the OH on the footing of rate /cost driver.

ABC and Management: –

In today & # 8217 ; s environment of competition and globalization, when each administration has to continuously bench grade its activities with the most efficient in the universe, one can non make with out ABC.

The really endurance of a house today depends on proper direction of the value concatenation at each phase. Unless one knows the value added at each phase every bit compared to its costs for that value add-on, one can non make up one’s mind about cutting the unimportant activities or adding the new 1s. Most of the recent attacks being followed for bettering overall fight and productiveness of the concern such as mark costing, TQM, BPR and other depend to a great extent upon accurate cost information for assorted activities and comparing of these with the value the interest holders attribute to them without exact cost information such exercisings are a meaningless.

The chief benefits of ABC arise from the quality of managerial determinations based on more accurate information. This is the most promising facet of ABC which is now being called Activity Based Management ( ABM ) . ABM views the activities in a dynamic sense instead so merely a measure for cost allotment to the terminal merchandises. It uses the cost information generated by ABC about an activity for commanding the activity is self instead than utilizing the cost information generated by ABC about an activity for commanding the activity itself instead than utilizing the cost of the concluding merchandises merely. The cost drivers that trigger the activity are besides identified and monitored. These cost drivers may be different from the resource or activity drivers. In add-on public presentation steps are developed and monitored to judge the efficiency at which the activity is being performed. These steps may be fiscal or non-financial variables such as cost per units of activity driver, defects per million points produced or clip taken per unit of point produced. These steps so supply a sound footing to the control the public presentation of the activity with accurate information about the costs involved.

ABM has figure of benefits to offer. Here, the focal point of attending is an activity instead than a section. A section may hold a figure of activities which if non segregated may spread the vision of the directors while doing a peculiar determination. The countries where specific benefits have been derived from ABM are following

A. Determination of product/service costs

B. Improvements in public presentation and activities

C. Cost film editing and retrenchment

D. Other applications.

Number of benefits are high and harmful effects are less.