Code of Ethics Analysis Essay Sample

I have chosen to utilize “Sexual Relationships” as a quandary. For my chosen issue there is merely one beginning where you can happen your information and that is in the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. Which states Social workers should avoid prosecuting in sexual relationships with co-workers and clients. ( 2. 07 ( B ) & A ; 1. 09 ( a ) NASW Code of Ethics ) . The NASW Code of Ethics ( 1. 09 ( a ) ) states that: “Social workers should under no fortunes engage in sexual activities or sexual behavior with current clients. whether such contact is consensual or forced. ”

The best resource to better understand sexual relationships in societal workers is to read and understand the NASW Code of Ethics. The usher clearly states that as a societal worker you can non hold a relationship with clients or co-workers. If you read through the usher it clearly tells you shouldn’t. but unluckily it does and has happened. While researching I came up on a page and wanted to portion it with you. http: //www. socialworktoday. com/archive/EoESepOct07. shtml The narrative that is on this site goes to demo that it doesn’t profit any one and can merely ache all who are involved. The codification of moralss is clear on what it expects of you when it comes to sexual relationships. the lone inquiry that I had about it was the fact that “forced” is in at that place. I know that it is to protect the clients. but what if it was forced by the client directed at the societal workers?

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