Critic Paper

Marrence MaghuyopJuly 26, 2010 2HMID LITERATURE: CRITIC PAPER The story of Romeo and Juliet focuses on romantic love, specifically on the intense passion and affection that blooms in the first sight of Romeo (Montague) and Juliet (Capulet). Unlike other love stories that begins with a fairytale concept and ends with “happily ever after”, the story portrays the pros and cons of being deeply in love. It combines the images of love, religion, family, society, violence and death which lead to its tragic conclusion.

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In the story, the author (William Shakespeare) used themes such as love, violence and death. It was expressed and developed with the use of different literary devices. Also, there are symbols and representations in the story that shows different ideas and concepts. Generally, aside from the way the story is made and the style or writing the author used, the message and the story as a whole is very much appealing.

It had an impact not just on us, but to all its readers/viewers around the world. It has emotional appeal because of the love and affection that both Romeo and Juliet have for each other and Intellectual appeal because of the way the author made and wrote the story, also because of his different styles and symbols used that makes the readers/viewers think and analyze the whole idea or concept of a specific scene.

Obviously, the story of Romeo and Juliet has touched the hearts of many people. Regardless if it is being read or watched as a play or move, it made a certain connection with its readers/viewers because of the different message and ideas it portrayed, and also because of its interesting characters which are creatively made and represented in the story. The story is very popular and proved that it is not just timely, but as a matter of fact timeless.