Euthanasia Outline Essay Research Paper The Argument

Euthanasia Outline Essay, Research Paper

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The Argument over Euthanasia

I. What is euthanasia?

A. ? ? good decease? ? – Greek

B. knowing expiration of life by another by expressed petition of individual who dies

C. mercy killing has many significances due to moral/ethincal/religious terms-mass confusion

II. Different signifiers of mercy killing

A. inactive euthanasia- rushing up decease of individual by retreating some signifier of life support & A ; letting nature take its class

1. remove life support equipment

2. halting medical processs, medicines, etc.

3. stopping H2O & A ; nutrient supply

4. non presenting CPR

5. most common- giving morphia to patient to command hurting but doing a Oklahoman decease ( given to people who are terminally sick or in a vegetive province )

B. active euthanasia- causation decease through direct action with response to a petition from that individual, clemency killing

C. doctor assisted suicide- physician supplies info and/or agencies of perpetrating suicide- illustration: deadly dosage of kiping pills, C monoxide gas

D. nonvoluntary eutha

nasia- violent death of individual against their will- signifier of slaying

III. Euthanasia is justified

A. quality of human life is more of import than length of life

B. decease is a good medical intervention b/c it stops the agony of the patient

C. mercy killing may go an economic demand due to the addition of new diseases, AIDS, and their high costs

D. expiration of life of animals- ? ? seting it out if its wretchedness? ? – but when it comes to worlds, we allow long enduring merely so they can populate

E. an empty life

1. people in vegetive province lead prolonged lives which are intending less

F. the patient? ? s best involvement

IV. Euthanasia is non justified

A. mercy killing is merely another term for slaying

B. faith

1. the decease of worlds should be in the custodies of God non ourselves

2. violent death is non justified by any agencies

C. who is to make up one’s mind when the patient? ? s head is unconscious

D. if mercy killing is allowed, people may be under the feeling that self-destruction is a right

E. the hazard of wrong diagnosing may take to unsought mercy killing